Zotter Raspberry & Coconut Bar (Hand Scooped)

Here we have the Zotter "Hand Scooped" Raspberry & Coconut bar which I bought at Wholefoods during a recent visit to London. I was very excited to find it because we don't get many Zotter bars here up North. Out of all the flavours available I chose this as it sounded the most "safe" option, because as many people will know, Zotter are a company known for filling their chocolates with wacky flavours such as Bacon, Cheese, Fish, herbs, etc. There was no weirdness from this bar however - it was a totally pleasurable experience from start to finish!

This is a "bean to bar" chocolate made by the Zotter company in Austria, and is described as "Coconut chocolate with raspberry-coconut filling". It contains fairtrade and organic ingredients, and 50% cocoa solids.

Opening up the wrapper I knew it was going to be a very fruity tasting bar. It had a lovely fresh raspberry aroma, complimented by a lovely rich cocoa smell from the chocolate.

It tasted fantastic. It was very fruity, and the raspberry portion of the filling was very fresh and zingy, and not in the least bit artificial-tasting like most raspberry flavoured chocolates are. The coconut portion was very smooth and creamy, and balanced out the tart raspberry flavour well. It didn't have a particularly strong coconut taste, or maybe I just couldn't taste it because of the strong raspberry flavour, but it was still there and combined with the raspberry portion it tasted very luxurious. The chocolate itself was a rich, flavoursome chocolate, giving a nice cocoa hit that wasn't too bitter. It's quite rare to get such generously filled chocolate, and that's what I loved most about this Zotter bar - it was packed full of flavour thanks to the plentiful filling.

Overall, my first experience with Zotter's chocolate was a very positive one and I can't wait to try more of their chocolates in future! Their bars may be pricier than the average UK chocolate, but if they're all as good as this then they're worth every penny in my opinion.

Price: Just over £3, although I can't recall exactly.
Ingredients: Contains 61% fairtrade ingredients, and 50% cocoa solids.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk, whey, soy & almonds. May contain traces of other nuts and sesame.


  1. Ooh this bar sounds fab and right up my street! Where can you buy them?

    1. I've only seen them in Wholefoods, but apparently this site also sells them: http://chocolate-ocean.co.uk/Zotter-Raspberry-Coconut

  2. I'd love to try it. I love Zotter. It has to be my favourite brand at this point, even though I'd never touch some of the wackier combinations. However, the worst I can say about a Zotter bar is that I liked it, but wasn't as impressive compared to other Zotter bars. I'm sure I would dislike a bar that contains something my taste buds can't stand, but that says nothing about the quality of the product itself.

    They do have really good quality products. The promised flavours are always there and most of the times they are pretty strong, And the chocolate itself is always really good - really smooth, with a lovely taste.


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