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Boots Gluten Free Lemon & Coconut Slice

Following on from my review of the Boots Gluten Free Salted Caramel slice, here we have their handcrafted Lemon & Coconut Slice. It's part of some new gluten free options Boots have quietly added to their range recently. It's described as a "soft chewy base topped with lemon curd and a sweet coconut layer", and contains maize and egg whites, so not suitable if you have an a egg or corn allergy. I have to say it tasted delicious, I much preferred it to the Salted Caramel Slice as the coconut and lemon flavours were spot on...creamy and coconutty yet tangy and zingy. I also loved how moist the slice was, despite containing coconut which can often make some cakes rather dry, this was deliciously moist and a delight to bite into. Overall, if you're celiac or gluten sensitive then this is a fantastic option! It tastes just like a regular cake, which is what most folks sensitive to gluten really want, so bravo to Boots for coming out wth these! RA

Boots Gluten Free Salted Caramel Chocolate Crunch

Whilst in Boots recently I noticed they had a few new gluten free snacks. They were hard to spot; this slice had the words gluten free perched on the side of the label very inconspicuously. As well as this slice they also had a coconut slice - review due soon! This is described as a chocolate and caramel rice crispy base with nuts, salted caramel and chocolate, and cost just over £1 as I recall. I didn't keep a receipt so I can't remember exactly! As you can see it looks pretty much the same as a millionaires caramel shortcake, but with rice crispies as the base. And that's pretty much how it tasted, like rice crispies with salted caramel and chocolate. I want to say I enjoyed this, really I do, but the salted caramel actually spoilt it. Don't get me wrong I love me some salted caramel, but in this case it was a little too salty and distracted too much from the sweeter caramel and chocolate flavours. But alas, that's always the problem with salted car

Westin Gourmet Online Meat

As my readers may know, I recently quit sugar, and it's been tough to stay off it with so many new snacks in the shops, and so I've found myself in search of more healthier foods and snacks! One thing I've been getting into a lot recently is grass fed meat. Grass fed meat is popular with those following The Paleo Diet, as it contains more nutrition and healthy fats compared to meats fed on grains. It also tastes muuuuch better!  I was recently contacted by  Westin Gourmet  who actually deliver quality grass fed meats online, which is a great idea since it can be so difficult to find good meat locally. They do a nice range from poultry, beef, lamb, pork, burgers, sausages, steaks as well as seafood and cheese. All their meat is responsibly sourced, British and with high welfare standards and they've even won a Great Taste Award for 2015. The meat arrives chilled upon delivery, and is never frozen. To peruse Westin Gourmet's meats check out  http://www.wes