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Chum Fruit Bites Review

It’s hard to get healthy snacks nowadays that are truly healthy and live up to their credentials, whether it’s free from, additive free or whatever. I’ve tried various ones and many seem to come with downsides. But with Chum Fruit Bites I can say they’ve actually achieved their goal of being additive free, non GMO, refined sugar free, vegan, gluten free and nut free. They’re literally made with non GMO fruit purée and that’s it! The fruit is squished into little triangles to make a cool snack and comes in handy snacking sachets. They’re ideal for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack. And they don’t give you a sugar crash as they’re not full of white sugar but natural fruit sugar, which releases energy more slowly. They also donate 15% of profits to Wild Aid, which is currently working to end live animal markets - a worthy cause, considering!  There’s several flavours and my favourite is the Peach, which has a lovely natural sweet peach flavour followed by Strawberry which is very

Fry's Strawberry Cream Review

I’ve always been a big fan of Fry’s Cream bars, the Orange ones in particular are a favourite so I was overjoyed when they launched this new Limited Edition Strawberry variety recently! Available from discount stores like B&M Bargains and Iceland Foods for £1, these are vegan friendly and are classic Fry’s Cream dark chocolate with a soft fondant filling. Fry’s launched a Raspberry Cream last year and although it’s nice, I preferred this one as it just has all the nostalgic flavours of Strawberry Creams which I love! I’ve always enjoyed strawberry cream chocolate from Quality Street and Roses (yes I know everyone else hates them haha!) so I felt like this was made for me! It’s sickly sweet of course but that’s what you expect from a Fry’s Cream bar. The dark chocolate is rich and sweet, likely Bournville chocolate and a nice carrier for the filling. I felt like it balanced the proportion of cream to chocolate better than that of a Quality Street strawberry cream for ex

Twix Salted Caramel Review

Salted Caramel is such an obvious flavour it’s a wonder that Twix haven’t done it before now, but what’s more surprising is how wrong they managed to get it!  These bars are available in multipacks from various stores now and recently launched in Tesco. Even though they’re called salted caramel, the salt is actually in the biscuit base, which is a bit odd isn’t it?!  They just taste weird and wrong. There’s crunchy bits of salt in the biscuit but it’s unevenly dispersed so some bits taste salty and other bits taste like normal Twix. Odd! And it doesn’t make for a great snacking experience! Overall, these are a failure in my opinion - after posting about them on Instagram the comments were mixed, some people loved them and some hated them. So maybe they’re the marmite of new snacks! 3/10

Black Milk Kinderella Hazelnut Cream Review

Ever wondered what the filling of a Kinder Bueno tastes like solo? Well it’s amazing, and better than Nutella too in my humble opinion! This spread based on Kinder Bueno is made by Black Milk Cereal who have fantastic cafes in Manchester and London, serving waffles, pancakes and other goodies drenched with their signature Kinder Cream creation. You can now get it in jars from their online store (and the code Kevs10 will get a 10% discount). As well as Kinder Cream they do dessert sauces, salted caramel, and lots of biscoff products! (Like Biscoff Ice Cream Topping!) This stuff is highly popular with homemade bakers with good reason! I’m not much of a cake or cookie maker unfortunately, I prefer to eat this stuff right from the spoon! It’s like a smoother spreadable form of Kinder Bueno filling, and like a milkier version of Nutella. I honestly prefer it! So indulgent and creamy. When I’m feeling fancy I will mix it with things like Lotus Biscoff cookies or just slather it on toa

Cadbury White Chocolate Oreo Bars Review

Recently Asda has relaunched Cadbury White Chocolate, and although it's not the Cadbury Dream in the blue wrappers like we remember, it's pretty tasty. They recently took it a step further, and stuffed it with an Oreo cookie and cream style filling, and it's an amazing creation! Available only in multipacks currently, these are around £1.50 in Asda and consist of curved chunks of white chocolate, with a creamy filling and Oreo pieces. They're extremely sweet, but quite moreish. The white chocolate is standard milky, creamy stuff with the cream filling working well with it and the Oreo cookies balancing out the flavour with some slightly savoury, cocoa biscuit crunch. They're great with a cuppa when you need a sweet snack. But like I said they are very sweet so might not be for everyone unless you have a very sweet tooth! 8.5/10. 

Cadbury Darkmilk Giant Buttons Review

I have to say I'm surprised the Cadbury Darkmilk brand has stayed around, not because it's bad but I didn't think there was a demand for darker milk chocolate. However we now have an array of new Cadbury Darkmilk flavours, Easter eggs and now Buttons, so they must be doing something right! I'm pleased I have to say because I do enjoy the richer taste of Darkmilk, it feels a bit more grown up than Dairy Milk which seems too sweet these days. Let's not mention the abominable Galaxy Darker Milk from last year...what on earth was THAT?! These Buttons are simply large Buttons of Darkmilk, and capture all the moreishness of Cadbury Buttons but in a richer form. Cadbury Buttons have always been more addictive than the bars, I don't know how they manage it, but it's like some alchemy occurs when you put them in a round shape! The buttons are moreish, but yet more satisfying to eat than Dairy Milk, there's less of the sickly milk flavour and more rich coc