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Michaszki White Chocolate Peanut Candies

Here we have Mieszko Michaszki white chocolate peanut candies, which I found in the import section of Sainsbury's. I'd never heard of these before so thought I'd try something new. I love chocolate and peanut combinations such as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Nutrageous, so was looking forward to seeing how these compared. Looking at the ingredients list I was a little hesitant as these candies contain hydrogentated vegetable fat, which is a common bulking agent used in cheap chocolates. I'm not sure if I liked these or not as they tasted more salty and peanutty than sweet. They were kind of moreish yet sickly. The texture was dry and powdery, with little bits of crunchy peanut. The thin white chocolate coating didn't bring much to the party other than a bit of sugary sweetness. Overall, I'm not really sure what to think! I didn't hate these but didn't love them. They certainly have their own unique charm though. If you're a fan of sal

Milka Weihnachts Minis

Today we have "Milka Weihnachts-Minis", which translates to "Milka Christmas-Minis" in English. I found these chocolates in a discount store on offer of 6 large bags for a pound. Not bad eh? Each large bag contains 8 mini-bags with 3 different Christmas-themed designs: I think the name of this product is a bit boring, considering these are a Milka version of Smarties. I would've expected something more unique and quirky than "Christmas-Minis". I can't help but wonder if they already exist under another name in Germany - if anyone knows please do leave a comment! Unlike Smarties, they come in only purple and white colours, to fit with the Milka branding: I wasn't very impressed with the taste of these at all. They were overly sugary; the sugar shells dominated and spoiled the creamy taste of the chocolate. When I ate a lot at once I could just about get a creamy-chocolatey hit, but it didn't last. I think perhaps the problem

Nestle Boci Stracciatella Santa

Clothed santa Here we have the Boci Straciatella Santa. I picked up two of these santas for £1 in a discount store - whatever would Mrs Claus think?! Naked santa This santa comprises a white chocolate shell with crunchy straciatella and hazelnut pieces. When I opened the wrapper I thought the white chocolate had an odd colour - kind of beige. I was a little worried it might have gone off or something. However, it tasted fine. It was a cheap white chocolate, very sweet tasting, but the stracitallea and hazelnut pieces gave it a nice crunch. Santa had an accident Overall this was a nice little novelty, I think it would be quite popular with children, but probably isn't for everyone. When I bought this I also saw a popping candy milk chocolate version, which I'm not sure the world is ready for... Have you tried Nestle Boci products before? If so what did you think?

Frey Rhubarb & Aloe Vera

After seeing The Snack Review's  recent posts on Chocolat Frey I thought it about time I did my own Frey review. This is quite an old product and I'm not sure it's around anymore, so this is mainly for archive purposes and to let people know this odd-sounding bar did indeed exist! I bought this from Home Bargains back in 2007, and kept the wrapper as I often do with unusual chocolate bars I've tried. It cost around 50p and I was very intrigued because I've never heard of a combination such as rhubarb and aloe vera before. To be quite honest, the taste wasn't all that nice, as far as I can remember. It was rather sickly and the rhubarb and aloe vera didn't really work with the white chocolate. If anyone has tasted aloe vera before you'll know that it has has an odd taste - to say the least - so combined with the flavour of rhubarb it was a very strange combination indeed. However I love Chocolat Frey as a company because they try new things and I

Kraft Cboze Cherry milk chocolate

This is another bar I found in a local discount store, which cost me 50p. There's not a lot to say about it really, it's just a standard cheap milk chocolate with a pleasant tasting cherry filling. It's a nice novelty and the cherry taste is very good, but overall it's not mind-blowing. If you happen to see this I'd recommend giving it a try as a one-off. I'm not sure where it's actually from; the writing on the wrapper is all in foreign and I couldn't determine what country the flag was (I was never that good at Geography!). If anyone has more information, please leave a comment!

Côte d'Or Chokotoff White

Here we have another Côte d'Or product'd think I was obsessed with them or something! ;)  Chokotoff are a brand of toffees popular in Belgium , and I found this white chocolate version of them in B&M bargains for £1. I don't have a picture of the actual toffees I'm afraid as I ate them all a few months ago, nom nom :) They were quite tasty, the toffees are chocolate flavoured and work well with the creamy white chocolate, however they suffered the same problem as most toffees - they were too hard. I solved this by popping them in the microwave for 10 seconds; this made them softer and much easier to eat. I overdid a few and they turned into a melted mass of white chocolate and toffee, which was actually very tasty! Overall I would say this is a decent product and I'd like to try the original dark chocolate version - hopefully I'll come across them some day. Have you tried Chokotoff before? If so what did you think of them?