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New Products: Kinder Bueno Coconut, Poundland Twin Peaks, Pringles Street Food & More!

It's been a while since I did a Spotted In Shops post, but since there's so many new products out lately I thought it about time for a revival - rejoice everyone! One of the most important new product launches is of course the Kinder Bueno Coconut , one for the coconutters out there, and one I can't eat due to gluten. Boo! I do hope to see a review from my favourite Coconutter aka Reaching For Refreshment though. Please take one for the team Cupcake! Spotted in Superdrug. One product that I'm eager for but seems to be having some legal trouble with Toblerone is Poundland's Twin Peaks bar. It is of course very similar in design, with "twin peak" shaped blocks rather than the triangular ones on a Toblerone. It actually contains more chocolate too. Since Mondelez drastically altered the spacing of Toblerone blocks last year ( check out my review for the pics!) we've all been crying out for something better value, and looks like this could

Coconuts Naturally Rum & Raisin Dairy Free Ice Cream

It's mighty difficult to find a good quality dairy free ice cream, I've tried so many, but one that caught my eye recently in a local health food store was the brand Coconuts Naturally, aka The Cornish Coconut Company. They produce organic, dairy free vegan ice cream in 6 different flavours: rich Raw Chocolate, indulgent Coconut Caramel, Mint Choc Chip- peppermint oil and spirulina for an amazing green colour, sumptuous Strawberry, Creamy Coconut and their new addition, boozy Rum and Raisin. The Salted Caramel one was out of stock so I made do with Rum & Raisin, which cost £7. Yes, it's not cheap! But considering how hard it is to find good coconut ice cream I thought it would be worth the price. The ingredients consist of unrefined organic coconut sugar, coconut cream, raisins and rum flavouring. I was concerned the rum might be too much in ice cream, as it can often taste artificial but there was no fear of that here - it tasted like the real deal, and was ra