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Maltesers Buttons, Oreo Cake Bars, Rolo Snack Bars & More!

A long overdue Spotted In Shops today...without further ado let's crack on and take a look at some of the new treats in shops this Summer! First up - Maltesers  Buttons are now out at Tesco in large and small bags. Nom nom! Also at Tesco - the new Rolo Snack dessert bars! This new Cadbury Layers of Joy Summer Trifle is available from Tesco and also Heron Foods. Featuring berries, white chocolate dessert and cream - yum! New Haribo alert! These Squidgelets are "a soft mix of squidge" and come in flavours like bubblegum and cola. Spotted in Poundland. Not available everywhere, but I spotted these mini tubs of Toblerone Ice Cream at Heron Foods. Currently found in Home Bargains, Cadbury have only gone and created Oreo Cakes - pieces of chocolate cake coated in Cadbury chocolate. Yum! Swizzels have brought their Drumstick sweets to cupcakes, which might be a sweetie overload! Spotted in Morrisons. Plus there's a Swizzels Love Hearts cupcake

Unicorn Smarties Limited Edition UK

I wasn't going to review these Unicorn Edition Smarties initially, after all they are just regular Smarties in pink and blue shells, plus they contain gluten. However the allure of fancy colours drew me in and it's always nice to have another limited edition candy wrapper for the collection! I have to say, as daft as this "Unicorn trend" is, the colours do look pretty. Perfect for topping cakes, cupcakes and maybe even cookies with! How do they taste? Well, I couldn't eat them but I gave them to a friend after taking these photos who commented "just like regular Smarties. Very sweet and good for a quick snack but not the best quality chocolate. A shame there's no orange flavours". So there you have it! Tastes just like regular Smarties (why couldn't they make them raspberry flavoured or something?) but without the orange ones that make regular Smarties so interesting. (Although you can now get Orange Smarties as a Limited Edition too, s

Nakd Nibbles Mint Humbug Review

It's been ages now since Nakd brought out their Fruit & Nut Nibbles range, and one product from it that I haven't been able to find anywhere was the Mint Humbug variety. Until now! I managed to find a bag of these in a small health food store in Leeds recently. They're the same as all the other fruit and nut Nakd nibbles; raw, vegan, gluten free and cold pressed, containing a mixture of dates and cashew nuts and raisins, as well as natural mint flavouring. Unlike the Cocoa Mint bar these aren't chocolatey flavoured, and all the better for it really...they really are reminiscent of mint humbug sweets, but y'know...natural and healthy and without all the sugar! They're a great sweet and filling snack, very moreish but won't leave you hungry afterwards. Overall, these are some tasty nibbles from Nakd, it's just a shame they're not as easy to find as the other varieties. Highly recommended if you can find them. Nutrition Information (per 40

Grown Up Chocoate Company Sea Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate

Today's review is from The Grown Up Chocolate Company, who I have featured several times with their interesting and unconventional bars (check out my Mince Pie Bar review!). They kindly offered me a sample of this new Sea Salt Caramel in Dark Chocolate Bar, so of course I couldn't say no! Their bars are handmade with quality ingredients, and this one in particular contains a very high 70% cocoa solids - it's not often you get such high cocoa dark chocolate paired with caramel, especially salted caramel! The bars weigh 100g and are available from . Since these are supposed to be for grown ups only it's recommended to keep them away from the kids! Opening the foil wrapper (always a good thing), the bar was in a nice chunky square block format. A little caramel was oozing through a crack in one of the squares, and it smelled lovely! The dark chocolate had a nice rich aroma.     I tried to cut a piece in half to get a shot o

Crunchy Caramel M&M's Limited Edition UK

Without warning, Mars UK have only gone and launched Limited Edition Crunchy Caramel M&M's upon the nation! Yes, these fantastic new treats are out now and available from Poundland in 109g bags. Naturally I had to pick a bag (or two!) up for sampling and reviewing purposes. They're described as "Milk Chocolate (51%) with a caramel center (21%) in a sugar shell". I tipped the bag out onto a fancy plate as soon as I got home...the M&M's looked somewhat like balls on a pool table. I believe caramel M&M's are an absolute first for the UK, although other countries have done the combination already. America are even lucky enough to get chewy caramel M&M 's! But this is the UK and we're lucky to get any new M&M flavour, so we mustn't grumble too much. How do they taste then I hear you ask?! Well, the caramel is a bit like toffee brittle or the innards of a Daim bar, with a buttery flavour that is delicious! I was seriously

Dr Oetker Unicorn Confetti, Midnight Magic, Glamour & Sparkle

Today's post is more of a heads up - Dr Oetker have launched a new range of sparkley baking sprinkles, perfect for topping any cupcake or cookie! They sent me some to review however unfortunately I'm unable to due to my gluten allergy - boo :( For the rest of you however, get baking! There's the magical rainbow-coloured Unicorn Confetti : A mix of multi-coloured sugar strands and other shapes, these are ideal for making a colourful birthday cake or cupcake! If you're more about the glamour then there's these glittery  Glamour & Sparkle sprinkles: In gold and silver colours they do look very posh indeed! Last but not least, for the more magical-minded there's a Midnight Magic variety! Comes complete with shiny stars, sugar balls and colourful strands. Cosmic! Of course these all mean you can make very modern, instagrammable creations perfect for any unicorn lover! Find the range in most supermarket baking aisles - I recently saw them in Morri