Dr Oetker Unicorn Confetti, Midnight Magic, Glamour & Sparkle

Dr Oetker Unicorn Confetti, Midnight Magic, Glamour & Sparkle

Today's post is more of a heads up - Dr Oetker have launched a new range of sparkley baking sprinkles, perfect for topping any cupcake or cookie! They sent me some to review however unfortunately I'm unable to due to my gluten allergy - boo :( For the rest of you however, get baking!

There's the magical rainbow-coloured Unicorn Confetti:
Dr Oetker Unicorn Confetti

A mix of multi-coloured sugar strands and other shapes, these are ideal for making a colourful birthday cake or cupcake!

If you're more about the glamour then there's these glittery Glamour & Sparkle sprinkles:
dr oetker glamour and sparkle

In gold and silver colours they do look very posh indeed!

Last but not least, for the more magical-minded there's a Midnight Magic variety!
dr oetker midnight magic

Comes complete with shiny stars, sugar balls and colourful strands. Cosmic!

Of course these all mean you can make very modern, instagrammable creations perfect for any unicorn lover! Find the range in most supermarket baking aisles - I recently saw them in Morrisons.


  1. Why didn't you just decline the offer if you can't eat them to review?

    1. I imagine they prob got in touch and said "hey can we send you some stuff" - rather than specifying what it was, and even if they did, if they are knew, you may not have been able to find the ingredients on line to check. I wouldn't have thought these had gluten in myself, would have thought they were just sugar and colourings & chemicals

    2. @anonymous because, like D said (thanks btw), I didn't expect them to contain gluten. Besides, what's it matter to you?


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