Charlene's Chocolate Factory Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

Another review courtesy of Charlene's Chocolate Factory today, makers of interesting and quirky chocolate bars (check out my reviews of their Bubblegum Blonde, Mint Choc Chip and Beetroot Bars!). This time it's for something a bit more common as a chocolate flavouring - coffee, brilliantly named after the classic Wham! hit. I do love me some coffee in the mornings, so I loved the idea of being woken up by a chocolate bar rather than coffee!

A bit of background first: Charlene's Chocolate Factory are of course named after the classic Charlie and The Chocolate Factory film, and are dedicated to making interesting and quirky bars, from the likes of Gin and Tonic, Marmite and various fantastically-coloured bars. To check out their range see:

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

A darker bar than the others I've reviewed, this vegan chocolate contains 72% cocoa solids and has ground coffee beans direct from Italy added. Ooh-er! One side has a lovely patterned effect printed on whilst the other is divided into blocks. I do like the design, it makes the bar feel extra special and unique!

It tastes pretty good, and definitely like a strong shot of espresso! If you like rich dark coffee then this is the bar for you. The chocolate is just the right level of sweetness and compliments the more intense coffee flavour very well. A few squares of this make for a nice little pick-me-up instead of reaching for another cuppa through the morning (although both are preferable of course!).

Overall, this is another lovely bar from Charlene's Chocolate Factory, and one for the true coffee lovers. Do check out their range as they do some really funky stuff (the Orange Coloured White Chocolate bar looks particularly cool!)

8 out of 10.


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