Charlene's Chocolate Factory Bubblegum Blonde

Charlenes Chocolate Factory Bubblegum Blonde

Today's review is for a rather novel chocolate, it was kindly sent to me by Charlene's Chocolate Factory, a company inspired by Charlie And The Chocolate Factory specializing in unique flavour combinations. I chose this one because it sounded rather special indeed. Not only is it made from white chocolate, it's bubblegum flavoured and coloured bright blue - how cool is that?!

Charlenes Chocolate Factory Bubblegum Blonde

Opening the wrapper it had a super strong bubblegum aroma...I was kind of expecting this to taste a bit too sickly. Luckily the taste works; it's creamy and super sweet of course but has a strong bubblegum flavour, that will remind anyone of being a kid again.

Overall, there's not actually much I can say about this bar because it tastes as you'd expect - like sweet bubblegum with a creamy edge! Definitely one for the kids (and big kids)!

For more info on the range, which also includes a Gin and Tonic flavour (!) check out Charlene's Chocolate Factory website:

8 out of 10. 


  1. my goddaughter would love this... and i would too :-)


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