Lidl Way To Go Fin Carre Ethical Chocolate

Lidl fin carre way to go chocolate

I recently spotted some new funky looking bars in Lidl, and instantly they reminded me of Tony’s Chocolonely bars, the ethical brand that launched last year donating money to helping end slavery in cocoa production. I’ve always loved the Tony’s brand and I think in 2020, more than ever, we need more ethically produced products - it should be expected, let’s be honest! So it’s always nice to see another brand like this even if it’s essentially copying Tony’s.

Lidl fin carre way to go chocolate

I got the dark chocolate version to try as I was curious how it would be compared to other dark chocolates. In hindsight this was a mistake, as the actual chocolate is nothing extraordinary. It’s nice enough and good quality don’t get me wrong but it has no particular distinct flavour to make me buy it again.

I’ll certainly try the other two flavours which are Milk Chocolate and Almond and Sea Salt, and I do like the chunky haphazard block design that mimics Tony’s Chocolonely. It’s a shame through that Lidl don’t just stock Tony’s? Maybe there’s some legal reason or a cost cutting reason why they don’t but if it’s to support ethical chocolate it seems more sensible to go to the originators!

Anyway, be sure to look out for these in Lidl and give them a try if only to support more ethically produced food!

Info from the label: the cocoa used to produce this bar is grown by farmers from the Kuapa Kokoo co operative in Ghana. They are partnered with fair trade to pay an additional Lidl premium for every tonne of cocoa they buy. This money supports farmers to grow more diverse local crops like honey, that support a sustainable future and secure a living income for farmers and their families.


  1. They look interesting. :-)

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  3. I love Way To Go Fin Carre Ethical chocolate. Especially milk taste.

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  7. Info from the label: the cocoa used to produce this bar is grown by farmers from the Kuapa Kokoo co operative in Ghana. They are partnered with fair trade to pay an additional Lidl premium for every tonne of cocoa they buy. This money supports farmers to grow more diverse local crops like honey, that support a sustainable future and secure a living income for farmers and their families.
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  12. Love love love caramelised almonds and sea salt I've brought it twice now as a treat and I'd put it above some of the bigger chocolate brand names, there's a lovely crunchy tastey caramelised bits of almond with a small blast of the salt that you just go back for more , love it will done

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