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Jim Jams Vegan Dark Chocolate Spreads Review

I've tried the regular version of Jim Jams No Added Sugar spread before and really enjoyed it, so was excited to try these new vegan varieties they launched recently to see how they compared. They come in both Hazelnut and Orange dark chocolate flavour, with no added sugar. Instead they contain maltitol which is a sweetener many may be aware of.  Whilst I have always been wary of maltitol due to its "unintended effects" I realise like anything it's a case of moderation. So I tried not to go overboard eating this! The Dark chocolate orange variety is pretty good with a nice chocolate orange flavour. A bit like the dark version of Terrys Chocolate Orange in spread form, perhaps! Although it was nice it didn't wow me enough with the flavour to purchase again. It needs a bit more zing for my liking. The Hazelnut one is an absolute winner though, it's every bit as rich as Nutella and perhaps even more nutty, it lacks the same level of intense sw

Doritos Stax Spicy Chicken Wings

There's a new range of Doritos in town to steal Pringles crunchy crown...Doritos Stax! These are available now from most supermarkets, and this Spicy Chicken Wings flavour is exclusive to Tesco. The prices vary between £1.50 - £2.50 depending on where you buy them. They are unusual in that they contain dried black beans in the ingredients. I was expecting them to be similar to Pingles but they're a bit different in that they contain little bubbles in the crisps. They have a nice strong spicy chicken flavour and as always with Doritos  are well seasoned. They'd go particularly nicely with a dip. I liked that they seem a bit more wholesome than regular Doritos somehow, maybe due to the black beans. Overall, these are a nice addition to the Doritos range and are a bit different from regular Doritos, but I'm not sure we really needed them? They don't give you the same moreish crunchy factor that Pringles do so I'm not likely to get them very often. Nice novel

Brothers Marshmallow & Tutti Frutti Cider Review

I'm a big fan of Brothers cider, and really enjoyed the Parma Violet variety from last year so was super excited when they launched two new flavours this year - Marshmallow and Tutti Frutti! These are available Online and from B&M stores, and the Marshmallow variety is available in a slightly larger bottle than Tutti Frutti. I was kindly gifted both flavours to sample. The Marshallow flavour is nice, very sweet and with a strong vanilla like marshmallow-ish flavour...I mean, it tastes as much of marshmallow as is likely possible in drink form. It blends nicely with the cider and the overall result is very sweet, and comforting. If you like this or not will depend on your sweet tooth and whether you like drinks to taste more like pop. I fall into the latter category so I really enjoyed it - perfect for the end of a pretty dull lockdown week! The Tutti Frutti flavour however was my absolute favourite. It has the right balance of sweetness and tart fruit flavours, remind

Pringles Minis Review

Recently, Home Bargains started selling these bags of Pringles Minis in Original and Sour Cream and Onion flavours. They’re only 39p a bag so I had to stock up on a few packs. A quick google reveals that these were launched into the Vending Machine trade earlier this year, but presumably the pandemic has put a halt on that. Unfortunately they were not as great as anticipated. They tasted somewhat stale and not as flavoursome as normal Pringles, and also felt less satisfying to eat. Overall these were a miss. Such a shame because they had potential! p