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Haribo Tangfastics Frenzy Edition (New Flavours!) Review

Whilst in Sainsbury's I spotted these new limited edition, or rather "frenzy edition" Haribo Tangfastics. (Many thanks to Katherine from Grocery Gems for alerting me to these - check out her review of the Starmix variety here!). As much as I enjoy Starmix I love the sourness of Tangfastics more so I held out until I could find this version. The flavours are all tropical and completely different to regular Tangfastics, and include passion fruit, mango & pineapple, grapefruit, peach, pomegranate, mango, watermelon and passion fruit & peach. What's odd is that the cherries are now pomegranate flavoured...I've never had a pomegranate cherry before! All these random flavours just add to the fun of course. The cola bottles now taste of watermelon, and along with the pomegranate cherries they seemed to make up most of the bag. They were very nice but I preferred the other flavours in the mix like mango, grapefruit and peach etc. This is definitely a ve

Hotel Chocolat Mango White Chocolates

I've already reviewed hotel chocolat's carrot cake and rhubarb and custard chocolates recently - both part of their new summer range - and the final review in the trio is these mango white chocolates. Now these aren't specifically British inspired like the aforementioned treats, but they're just as tasty and delicious...kind of like Solero ice cream in chocolate form! They're described as "mango ganache sealed in a white chocolate shell, decorated with naturally coloured white chocolate". Mango concentrate makes up 8% of the ingredients, which is a lot of mango! Perhaps explaining this is the blurb on the pack: "our rabot estate is overflowing with mangoes - we mourn for the ones tragically squashed underfoot"! Mango isn't a flavour I've often seen paired with chocolate, which is a tragic shame as it works so beautifully, especially with Hotel Chocolat's creamy white chocolate. The mango ganache here is perfectly

Hotel Chocolat Rhubarb & Custard Chocolates

Following on from my review of the new hotel Chocolat carrot cake chocolates, part of their new summer range, today we have rhubarb and custard - another much-loved British treat. These chocolates are described as "rhubarb ganache layered with custard flavoured white chocolate, sealed in a milk and white chocolate vanilla seed shell decorated with naturally coloured white chocolate". According to the pack, "in the 1839 opium war, the Chinese tried to defeat the Brits by holding our rhubarb to ransom"...I never realised we loved our rhubarb so much! Rhubarb has a tendency to be a bit  tart for some, no doubt why it works best when balanced with the creaminess of custard. These chocolates contain 3% rhubarb concentrate, which is enough to give a sharpness that blends nicely with the chocolate. It works beautifully! I couldn't stop scoffing these; the sharp rhubarb flavour combined with creamy white chocolate was extremely moreish. I'm not sure it ta