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Cadbury Daim Ultimate Easter Egg & More! - Easter Egg Guide 2018

It wouldn't be Easter without a whopping Easter Eggs In Shops post, so without further ado let's crack on...or rather crack the eggs! First up - an Egg everyone will no doubt want this Easter, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Ultimate Daim Egg, which contains crunchy Daim pieces in the shell. There's also a Fruit & Nut variety. Cadbury Dairy Milk "The Purple Egg": Available from Sainsbury's, this egg was simply described as "The Purple Egg" - presumably the colour purple is enough to be associated with Cadbury Dairy Milk! It's simply a milk chocolate egg wrapped in purple foil. Price: £1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Ultimate Chopped Nut Egg: As well as the Daim and Fruit & Nut eggs, Cadbury are doing this Dairy Milk Chopped Nut Egg that is exclusively available in Tesco. Hershey's Cookies N' Creme Eggs: Hershey's now do their delicious Cookies & Cream  chocolate in mini egg form - yay! Spotted in Tesco. Chocolate

Holdsworth Mini Sea Salted Caramel Eggs

A big thankyou to Holdsworth Chocolates for today's review, they sent me this lovely box of their Sea Salted Caramel Eggs some time ago now and I absolutely loved them. Just a heads up - I will be doing a competition with Holdsworth soon, so you'll be able to win a hamper of some of their delicious chocolates - stay tuned! In the meantime do check out their lovely range online. You can find Holdsworth Chocolates from John Lewis stores or buy them online. Their chocolates are handmade in Derbyshire using only quality ingredients, and all I've tried so far have been top notch! (FYI they do some amazing looking Peanut Butter Caramel Truffles !). These Salted Caramel Mini Eggs come in a lovely box complete with a fun bunny design - it made me chuckle quite a bit. They would make a fantastic gift. Opening the wrapper the eggs looked like typical mini chocolate eggs and had a lovely milky aroma. The salted caramel is in two halves inside the eggs - I tried to spli