Coco Caravan Caramel Vegan Easter Eggs

Coco Caravan Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs

A big thankyou to Coco Caravan for today's review. They kindly sent me some of their Raw Vegan Chocolate Caramel Eggs recently so I was super excited indeed - it's rare to get a vegan caramel! These are available from Coco Caravans website and consist of 8 raw dark chocolate eggs, containing a runny caramel made with coconut blossom sugar, coconut cream and oil and cashew nut paste. A caramel made without dairy - yay!

Coco Caravan Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs

I like the simple and non pretentious packaging - they're wrapped in simply brown paper which feels rather rustic, plus makes it easy to recycle.

Coco Caravan Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs

When trying to take a pic of the innards I accidentally squashed it - oops! As you can hopefully see above the caramel is super sticky and runny.

The eggs are two halves stuck together rather than a whole shell completely filled with caramel. I took a bite, and it wasn't quite what I expected. The flavour is earthy and punchy, and definitely that of a raw chocolate. It was nice and flavoursome and definitely made a change from regular dark chocolate. The caramel had that distinctive coconut sugar flavour, quite earthy and it tasted nice and sweet but I did feel the texture was just a little bit too runny to be a proper caramel.

Overall, these are very nice and a real treat if you're avoiding dairy, although personally I would prefer a chewier caramel. (I'm a sucker for chewy caramel, admittedly!)

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8 out of 10. 

Ingredients: Raw cacao butter, cacao powder (cacao mass 72%), coconut blossom nectar, ground vanilla pod. Soft Center Caramel: Coconut blossom sugar, virgin coconut oil, cashew nut paste, coconut cream.


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