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The Protein Works Protein Nutty Cashew Coconut

Another Protein Works review today and this one is for their Protein Nutty Cashew Coconut squares, a snack containing 9.2g protein ideal for workouts or a little treat throughout the day. They're made with a mix of nuts, whey protein, coconut, coconut oil and sweeteners. If you haven't seen them yet do check out my reviews of Protein Works other products - Vegan Apple & Cinnamon Crunkie and Salted Caramel Protein Cookies . Opening the wrapper I was immediately hit with the smell of peanut...never mind cashew nuts these had a super strong peanut butter aroma! (peanuts are second on the ingredients list). They smelled very inviting indeed! I broke one in half and it looked quite stodgy, almost like a flapjack. There's a thin chocolate and coconut coating on top. They taste very, very nutty indeed and that is certainly no bad thing! The cashews give it that creamy smoothness whilst the peanuts add a more savoury crunch. Yum! The whey powder has that distinctive whe

Ape Thai Chilli and Lightly Salted Coconut Rice Puffs

Following my review of Ape Vegan Cheese Coconut & Rice Puffs , I thought I'd review their Thai Chilli and Lightly Salted varieties. All are super tasty, but which flavour would I recommend the most? Read on to see my thoughts... Like the other varieties the Thai Chilli is sugar free, vegan, not fried, gluten free and contains coconut oil, as well as coconut flour and rice flour. It also contains spices like chilli, onion, bell peppers and apple powder to give it a natural sweetness. They've definitely nailed the Thai Chilli flavour with this; it tastes authentic and flavoursome, and not sickly sweet like some thai chilli flavoured snacks can. It's subtle and the perfect seasoning for the light crunchy puffs. Taste-wise I would rate this equal to the Vegan Cheese flavour, although I might just prefer these a little more! 8.5 out of 10.  The Lightly Salted variety is also vegan, gluten free, sugar free and not fried. The only added flavouring is Sea Salt, so natu

Vegan Magnum now exists & Free From Spotted In Shops!

So I thought it about time I do a Free From version of Spotted In Shops (with a side dose of Vegan Snacks News), featuring some of the latest Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free & Vegan products, since the demand for these foods is ever-growing. Without further ado, let's take a look at what's come out in recent months... First up - Freaks of Nature, makers of Dairy Free desserts, have launched into the Dairy Free Yoghurt market with Blueberry and Strawberry flavours. These are made with Cashew nuts and are currently available from Sainsbury's for £1.50 a pot. It's not available in the UK yet (Sweden and Finland will get them in September), but a Vegan Magnum now exists in both Classic and Almond varieties! No doubt these will be on sale here soon if they're popular - I personally reckon they'll be on shelves by next year. The Coconut Collaborative are still going strong with their Dairy Free desserts, and have added a Mango and Passionfruit Panna Cotta to

Ape Vegan Cheese Coconut & Rice Puffs

A big thankyou to Ape Snacks for today's review, they kindly reached out and offered me some samples from their new range of Coconut & Rice Puffs to try, and as a big fan of their snacks I certainly wasn't going to say no! The last new product they launched were the Chocolate Crunchy Coconut Bites I reviewed over Summer, but I had no idea they had plans to further expand their range. So it was a lovely surprise to see these new Coconut & Rice puffs appear recently! They're like a healthy, vegan, gluten free version of puffed maize snacks without added sugar, vegetable oils, dairy or artificial flavourings - just clean ingredients! You can buy them from Ape Snacks website , plus they're available from Sainsbury's, and WH Smiths. I thought I'd start with the Cheese Flavour, which is special because it's actually dairy free and vegan friendly! How is that possible I hear you ask?! Well, like many cheesy flavoured crisps it uses yeast extr

Cadbury to launch new Darkmilk Chocolate in UK!

Just a quick spot of Snacks News today - Cadbury UK are going to launch a new Chocolate bar in September called Darkmilk! Already available in Australia in several flavours, this is a richer take on Dairy Milk with 40% cocoa and 14% milk, compared to Dairy Milk which is 23% cocoa and 20% milk. It will cost £1.49 for an 85g bar, with smaller bars launching later. There's an Original variety plus Roasted Almond: Are you excited to try this richer version of Dairy Milk? Are you willing to pay more for a higher cocoa percentage? Let me know in the comments!

Gingerbread Matchmakers, Kitkat Orange Bites, Dipdab Softies & More! (Spotted In Shops)

It's time for another Spotted In Shops, since we're gradually heading towards that time of year when Christmas and Halloween products start appearing on shelves - yep it certainly #getsearliereveryyear!  First up are the New Limited Edition Quality Street Gingerbread Matchmakers pictured above, an early product for the festive season. They're only available at Tesco for £2 so far, and presumably replace the Salted Caramel variety from last year. Nestle have also added a new Orange Flavour to their Kitkat Bites range, which is currently only exclusive to Morrisons. Luckily, if you have no Morrisons nearby you can get Orange Kitkat Chunky multipacks from Poundland as well as Home Bargains. Poundland are also selling their own take on White Maltesers - White Chocolate Mat Balls. Of course they probably won't be half as good as the glorious White Maltesers were ( sign the petition if you'd like them brought back), but I guess we'll have to mak