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Trebor Lemon Mint Softmints

Recently Trebor (owned by Mondelez/Cadbury) have added a new flavour to their Softmints range...a "Lemon Mint" variety. I haven't had Softmnts for years even though I've always loved them so this was the perfect chance for me to get re-acquainted. Surely Mondelez haven't ruined them like they have their entire Cadbury chocolate range? Well, the texture is the same as ever...a nice crunchy shell yielding to a soft, chewy centre. The lemon flavour was very pleasant and brought a refreshing edge to the mint, but to be honest I'd rather just have regular Softmints, or Softfruits rather than combining fruit and mint together. It doesn't really work for me. Still, these are pleasant enough. Overall, these are an ok flavour and a good excuse to eat Softmints again, but I think I'll stck with the originals and Softfruits. Thanks for the nudge to try these again though, Trebor/Mondelez/Cadbury! 7 out of 10.

Portlebay Lemon Sherbet Popcorn

Recently Tesco started stocking Portlebay's range of popcorn, which includes some very unusual and quirky flavours...amongst them Cappuccino, Bacon & Maple Syrup, and Lemon Sherbet, based on those famous British sweets many of us used to rot our teeth on as kids! Unfortunately I missed the special offer Tesco were doing for these when they were just £1 so I had to pay full price, so I chose what I thought was the most interesting flavour (in hindsight I wish I'd chosen Cappuccino). The packaging was very eye-catching and the thought of sweet lemony fizzy popcorn had me excited! Unfortunately I found it to be a bit of a letdown. The lemon sherbet flavour tasted weird with the was somewhere between savoury and sour rather than sweet and just tasted wrong and didn't work. I'm not sure if it actually contained salt but I could taste some sort of salty/savoury flavour in there...maybe it was the popcorn, maybe the bicarb to give the sh

Starbucks UK Coconut Milk Latte Review

As a fan of all things coconut I just had to give this new coconut milk latte a try when it debuted in Starbucks this January...just in time for "healthy season"! It's a dairy free, lower sugar alternative to a regular latte, so is good for vegans as well as anyone with dairy allergy. Apparently there's been a bit of a fuss about it, Twitter users have voiced their disgust over the taste online according to The Daily Mail , and it contains additives and sugar so isn't technically "real" coconut milk (and it's definitely not paleo approved!). So what is the all important Kevs verdict? Dun dun dun...I actually think it's not too bad. I ordered a regular coconut milk latte without syrups or flavourings, and it tasted perfectly fine: frothy, creamy, and just sweet enough. It wasn't mind-blowing, but it wasn't much worse than a regular milk latte. If you're allergic to dairy or vegan, this a perfectly acceptable alternative to a

Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks (Lightly Salted)

It's January, so of course it's time for everyone to start eating "healthy" again for a few weeks, only to cave into junk food again (we've all done it!) Luckily Yushoi have come to the rescue to help us eat better with their low calorie, nut free, high fibre, high protein snacks made of peas and rice. These are Japanese inspired, and apparently the name Yushoi is an amalgamation of the words "Yushu" which means excellent, and "Shoi" which means act or deed. So do yourself a good deed and buy these excellent snacks ;) I bought a multipack for £1 in Morrisons, and they're also available in Tesco. They come in a few flavours but I chose lightly salted. Opening the pack revealed some "swamp green" colored snacks...I was a little scared! Despite the slightly off-putting colour, I'm pleased to report that they tasted nothing like they look! They were very crunchy, and reminded me of Chipsticks crisps...anyone remember tho

Marks & Spencer Salted Caramel Whip

Marks & Sparks have jumped on the Salted Caramel bandwagon, yay! I must admit I was rather excited when I spotted this in M&S the other day, as was the lady next to me in the queue; "I can't wait to get this bad boy home!" she proclaimed. Some people are easily pleased, I guess! Described as "milk chocolate filled with soft mallow and salted caramel, with dark chocolate, butterscotch and a caramel white chocolate hazelnut" this cost me 65p. Opening the wrapper I was struck by the unusual doesn't look like a regular walnut whip at all! I first bit off the caramel white chocolate hazelnut, which was a nice mixture of savoury and sweet but nothing spectacular in and of itself. I then bit into the whip and got a nice mix of mallow, caramel and chocolate. It tasted very nice...the milk chocolate is good quality with a nice smooth melt, the mallow is sweet and gooey and the salted caramel adds an extra sweet buttery flavour to the

Milka Bubbles White Chocolate & Hazelnut

I recently found this bar of Milka Bubbles White Chocolate in a discount store, and for only 60p I really couldn't say no and bought the last two bars they had. They're made by Mondelez Russia, and the bar has the same bubbly block design as the discontinued Dairy Milk Bubbly, with a nut filling above each block. According to the English translation on the wrapper, the filling is "crushed fried peanut", yet I can clearly see hazelnuts on the front of the wrapper...hmm something must have got lost in translation!  The bar was hard to break evenly due to the bubbly blocks, but eventually I managed to glimpse some of the chopped nut filling above one of them...whether or not they were hazelnuts or crushed fried peanuts is anyone's guess! The chocolate was overwhelmingly milky and had a strong vanilla flavour, but the nuts tasted stale and non-descript. The bar was pleasant enough but quickly became sickly sweet.  Overall, this is a nice novelty a