Nestle Smarties Scaries - Halloween Edition

Today's review is a quick one as there's not a lot to say about this new Smarties Scaries Halloween Edition. It seems Nestle are doing a lot of limited edition Smarties now, following from the success of the Unicorn Edition and Orange Limited Edition...I'm guessing a Christmas version will be next!

I received these from @gbgifts, a new company selling snacks boxes with a variety of fantastic treats, from old classics to new limited editions. To win two snacks boxes please check out my Instagram page - we are doing a joint competition this week, which will include these Smarties Scaries.

They're simply described as "Milk chocolate in a crisp sugar shell" and are basically brown-coloured milk chocolate Smarties and orange-coloured orange flavour milk chocolate Smarties. Which is pretty good because Orange Smarties are always a bit more special than regular ones (if you like orangey chocolate of course!).

There's not much to say about them other than they t…

Corners Popcorn Crisps Sea Salt & Sweet & Salty

I was recently offered to try some new snacks called Corners, a type of crisp made from...popcorn! Who doesn't love popcorn, right? Well they've only gone and pressed them into Doritos-style chips in two flavours: Sweet & Salty and Sea Salt. These are available from and are Gluten Free, Vegan and never fried. Pretty clean!

I started by trying the Sea Salt variety as I was in a savoury mood. They're a bit like corn cakes, which if you've ever tried them you'll know are rather similar to Rice Cakes. However these are thinner and of course, more crisp like...

I poured them into a bowl and started eating. Yum - they're super moreish! The only way I can really describe them is addictive; there's something about the combination of corn and salt that makes it hard to stop eating. I didn't think the Sweet ones would beat them to be honest... I'd rate them 8.5 out of 10.

I wasn't sure about the Sweet and Salty ones, as sw…

Divine Organic Rich Dark Chocolate: Turmeric & Ginger/Refreshing Lemon

Today's review is rather special, it's for a new range of Organic "Rich Dark" high cocoa bars from Divine, makers of Fairtrade ethically-sourced chocolate. The bars are certified Vegan, Soil Association Organic and verified by the Non GMO Project. Some pretty high credentials right there! I was offered the range to review by Divine recently and of course, couldn't say no since I'm such a convert to darker chocolates. What intrigued me by this range was the inclusion of various flavours like Ginger, Lemon, Turmeric etc...all very healthy and super food-ish, and interesting pairings for dark chocolate!

The fairtrade cocoa is sourced from Sao Tome, a forest-covered volcanic island off the west coast of Africa. It was the first African country to grow cocoa and in 1913 was the biggest producer in the world, earning it the title of "Chocolate Island". Mmmm, who wouldn't want to live on a Chocolate Island?

Starting with the Refreshing Lemon variety, …

New/Old Cadbury Bournville Orange Dark Chocolate

Following my last Spotted In Shops post I've been itching to try this Cadbury Bournville Orange bar. It's described as New/Old because it was last available in 2009, nearly ten years ago! I vaguely remember it along with the Old Jamaica version, and am glad it's been brought back - you can't beat the combination of orange and dark chocolate when it's done right. These are available for £1 from various stores, including Iceland Foods (where I found it) and Poundland. The bars contain 100g and are described simply as "Chocolate with orange flavoured pieces".

I was pleased to see a return of more traditional-looking chunks in this bar; yes they're smaller than they used to be, but at least they're not curved like they tried to make Dairy Milk.

The orange pieces can be found nestled within the chunks and there seemed to be quite a decent amount of them (they make up 12% of the bar).

Firstly, the chocolate itself tastes as you'd expect; semisweet,…

Cadbury Darkmilk, Bournville Orange, Lindor Mint etc (Spotted In Shops)

It's that time of year when all the new products are being launched - hurrah! Let's celebrate with another Spotted In Shops post...
First up is the above bar of Bournville Orange Dark Chocolate which I spotted in Iceland Foods. It costs £1, is Dairy Free and has a "New Old!" label on...because this isn't the first time Cadbury have made this bar. It was around many years ago (2009!) along with an Old Jamaica Bournville, just before Cadbury were taken over by Kraft. 

Other new developments from Cadbury are their Darkmilk range; a rich and creamy chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa than Dairy Milk (but still containing milk, obviously). Currently available for £1 from Tesco in an Original variety...

Plus Roasted Almond. Does this sound like your kind of thing? Let me know in the comments!

A rather strange product Cadbury have launched is this Sweet Shop style bag of chocolates, that includes Dairy Milk, Caramel, Fudge and Maynards Bassetts Sh…

New Nestle Gingerbread Matchmakers Review

It's that time of year again...September, the classic month to get in the festive mood prematurely! Yep, lots of Christmas themed snacks and gifts are now appearing in shops (plus a few Halloween things), and amongst all the niknaks this year is a new Matchmakers flavour! Initially I thought this might be replacing the Salted Caramel Matchmakers from last year, but it appears not because that's also available alongside this in Tesco Express, currently for a mere 75p. At that price I couldn't say no to a pack!

Described as "Gingerbread flavour chocolates with skimmed milk chocolate, dark chocolate and boiled sugar pieces" these weigh 120g. Opening the box I was immediately hit with a sugary, slightly artificial but definitely gingery aroma.

It was very strong indeed...I wasn't sure if I liked it to be honest!

I did what had to be done: dug out my fancy festive star-shaped snacks dish and arranged the Matchmakers on it. It's surprisingly perfect for the st…

New M&M's Cake Bars Review

I was recently contacted about a new super secret product, that would be sent to me on the launch day without knowing what it might be. Of course, I was super intrigued! Imagine my surprise when a MASSIVE Skittles Cake and a few packs of M&M's Cake bars turned up! Now unfortunately DPD messed up the Skittles Cake in typical fashion - it ended up squashed - but luckily these M&M's Cake Bars were fine - hurrah!

The packs contain 5 individually wrapped bars that are a pretty standard affair, with a layer of soft sponge on the bottom, a layer of cream on top and all coated in milk chocolate. The surprise? The cream layer contains pieces of mini M&M's!

Opening the wrapper the cakes smelled delicious, with a malty chocolate aroma.

I cut a piece off, expecting to see M&M's...where were they?

I cut more pieces off and still couldn't see any, so eventually ended up dissecting the whole cake bar to find some. They had to be in there, surely?!

Luckily they we…