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Kev's Pick & Mix! - Seabrooks Curry Crisps, Montezuma's Great British Pudding Bars, Hello Kitty Milkshake...

Welcome to another edition of Kev's Pick & Mix: an assortment of mini snack reviews! All these snacks have been in my archive for a long time now...too long in fact, so I thought it about time I gave them the review treatment! Do let me know if you've tried any of these particular snacks via the comments... Seabrooks Chicken Karahi Curry Crisps Limited Edition: These Chicken Karahi Curry Crisps were developed by Seabrooks exclusively with Akbar's restaurants and available as a limited edition last year. They were tasty, although nothing groundbreaking as far as curry flavoured crisps go. 6 out of 10 . Marks & Spencer Golden Honeycomb Chocolate Crunch: I bought these along with the Snow Ball Crunch popcorn I reviewed last Christmas, and was very disappointed. When paying good money for M&S goods I expect top-notch quality, but unfortunately these were sickly sweet and very bog-standard as far as honeycomb and chocolate goes. Give me a Cadbury's

Thorntons Special Toffee Slabs: Chocolate Brownie & Tutti Frutti Review

Thorntons Special Toffee Chocolate Brownie Slab: I was due to review this before Christmas but unfortunately got sidetracked. I was sent it along with the Apple Crumble Slab I reviewed previously, and it was a very delicious chocolatey toffee with plenty of crunchy biscuit pieces embedded within. I wouldn't call them brownies exactly - they were more like bourbon biscuits, but they worked really well with the chocolate toffee and tasted delicious. This is definitely a slab for toffee lovers! It also appears to be gluten-free since the biscuit is made from a mixture of gluten-free flours. 8 out of 10. Thorntons Special Toffee Tutti Frutti Slab: I was sent this along with the Apple Crumble and Chocolate Brownie Slabs, and it was hands down my favourite of the three! I loved the citrusy pineapple flavoured toffee and the tutti frutti fudge pieces embedded was an absolutely moreish toffee that kept me constantly coming back for more! I would highly recommend this

Cocoa Hernando Discovers Himalaya - Milk Chocolate with Pink Diamond Salt

I was recently sent this bar of Cocoa Hernando Discovers Himalaya chocolate, described as "Milk chocolate with Pink Diamond Salt" and was both a little excited and nervous to try it. I've tried plenty of salted caramel chocolate bars in my time but not many that contain salt in the actual chocolate, so I wasn't quite sure how it would work in practice. To my surprise it actually worked rather well! The chocolate tasted extremely rich and had a strong woody cocoa flavour...then the salt hits you! It tastes subtle and actually rather moreish. You can tell this is pink himalayan salt rather than any old salt, it has the subtle flavour down to a tee. I shared this with a friend who said "you can definitely taste the pink". I'm not sure how one can actually taste colours, but I'll go with it! Overall, a tasty and good quality chocolate bar that is surprisingly moreish - I would recommend Cocoa Hernando to those who like high quality chocolate

Dove Crispy Rice Bar Review (China)

Today's review is thanks to a reader from China who sent me a snacks package last year. I must sincerely apologize to her for taking so long to review it; I've had so many snacks in the archives and so little time it somehow ended up being neglected. She sent me a fantastic snacks package but the one which stood out most to me was this Dove Crispy bar. Dove is another name for the famous Galaxy brand that we get here in the UK - it seems that elsewhere in the world (including the US) it's called Dove, but only here in the UK it's called Galaxy for some odd reason! Unfortunately this bar suffered heat damage during postage and so had a rather "bloomed" and dusty appearance, but luckily it still tasted okay! It tasted slightly different to the Galaxy chocolate we get here in the UK - it was a little richer and less milky. The crispy rice pieces were a nice addition and gave the chocolate a welcome crunch, although there weren't enough of them to

Spotted In Shops! - Ben & Jerry's All or Nut-ting, Toffee Crisp Cereal, Philadelphia & Cadbury Almondy Cakes...

Whilst browsing my local Sainsbury's recently there were so many cool new products that I just had to do a Spotted In Shops dedicated to them all. Enjoy! Ben & Jerry's Core All or Nut-ting: A new Ben & Jerry's Core variety! Contains a soft chocolatey hazelnut core surrounded by hazelnut and chocolate ice creams with chocolatey chunks. Currently on special offer. New Ben and Jerry's Greek Style Frozen Yogurt: Also new from Ben & Jerry's is this range of Greek Style Frozen Yogurts. The varieties include Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Honey Caramel and Raspberry Chocolatey Chunk. New Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich: Oreo in ice cream sandwich form...genius! I wonder how they compare to the Oreo Ice Cream Cones released last year. Almondy Philadelphia Layered Lemon Cheesecake: Almondy have introduced two new varieties to their Swedish cakes range, the first of which is this Philadelphia Almond Layered Lemon Cheesecake. It's made using a c