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Moo Free Sea Salt & Lime Chocolate Review

It's a pretty confusing time in the world right now, and as much as I'm worried like the rest of you I'm trying to stay sane through the power of snacks! Check out my Instagram for my most recent reviews - but here's one for a bar I picked up a month or so ago from Waitrose. I do enjoy Moo Free Chocolates and I've heard that in the midst of this pandemic they're struggling due to less demand from supermarkets, so be sure to order from them online if you're a fan. Here's their website: This Lime and Sea Salt rice milk bar is a richer version of their chocolate, with more cocoa in and is very flavoursome as a result. Usually rice milk chocolates can be a bit tasteless even if they're creamy, but here the chocolate is nicely rich, balanced with a tang from the lime with the sea salt rounding off the flavour nicely. It's creamy enough to not be bitter and is more like a high-cocoa milk chocolate, like Cadbur

Moo Free Vegan White Chocolate Hammy The Hamster

The ever-growing list of Vegan and Dairy Free chocolate options continues to expand, with Galaxy now making their own bars and a Plant Based Cadbury Dairy Milk being planned...and luckily there's also some new white chocolate vegan options popping up too. I've only tried a few varieties so far, there's not many but the supermarket versions I've had were pretty bad. So when I discovered this new Moo Free White Chocolate Easter figure I was cautious...would it be as bad as some of the others? These are available in quite a few supermarkets now with prices ranging from £3-£4, and consists of a strawberry flavoured vegan white chocolate hollow hamster, that is made with recycled packaging and is soya free. It's made with rice milk and starch rather than the maltodextrin found in supermarket versions - which is good news for those who are gluten free since maltodextrin can sometimes cause problems. I was so surprised by how nice this was! The white chocolate is s