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Naked 100% Coconut Water Review

When Naked Drinks contacted me to review their new Coconut Water I couldn't say no; I've become a little obsessed with coconut products recently since trying to reduce my sugar intake (see my glowing review of Tiana's Raw Organic Coconut Goodness ). Coconut Water is one of those things you either like or you don't...or you just put up with the taste to gain the health benefits. It can be a bit of an an acquired taste to be honest! Regardless, it's great for quenching thirst and replenishing electrolytes on a hot day, or after exercise (and much healthier than chugging a bottle of Lucozade!) There's a lot of brands around, with Vita Coco being the most popular due to its celebrity endorsements, but personally I think it's over-hyped. So whats different about Naked coconut water? Well, I don't have Vita Coco on hand so can't compare directly, but going by the press release from Naked it's special because it's made from "the fresh li

New at Asda! Dessert Hybrids, Cheesecakes, Gateaus, Pies, Ice Creams etc.

Some new stuff I've seen in Asda recently...I wouldn't usually feature supermarket own brands but they've done so many interesting dessert variations I just had to!  Seems like chocolate orange and toffee flavours are very popular this year! Chosen By You Chocolate Orange Gateau:  this looks delicious! Free From Mincemeat Crumble Squares : These Christmas squares sound very unique; they're gluten-free and contain crunchy shortcake biscuit with a sweet mincemeat topping. Well done Asda for doing something seasonal that's also gluten-free! Lovely Bubbly Chocolate Frozen Mousse:  I imagine this is like Aero in ice cream form.  Asda Chocolate Orange Ice Cream!:  fans of chocolate orange will love this no doubt! Salted Caramel Sponge Pudding!:  it has to taste amazing... Shloer Berry Punch : Not exclusive to Asda, but I noticed this Limited Edition Berry Punch Schloer there which I presume is for Christmas. Plus these new C

*It's back!* Terry's Chocolate Orange Toffee Crunch (Guest Review by William)

Hello you lovely lot! I haven't been here for such a long time and this is because I've been really busy working on a new blog design for my blog which also has a new name. I haven't finished working on my blog yet so it's going to look a little weird for quite a while but I'm hoping it'll done before Halloween! Anyways, on with the review...finally after many years, Mondelēz have decided to bring back the Terry's Chocolate Orange Toffee Crunch. It's been available in the Segsations selection for years but I'm so glad it's back in it's traditional chocolate orange format! I'm hoping that maybe next year for Christmas, Mondelēz launch miniature versions of these, just like they did with the Exploding Candy orange this year (I'll be reviewing those soon). The packaging has a pleasant design yet it's not very eye-catching on the shelf. You can't distinguish between the Terry's Chocolate Oranges unless you look a littl

Halloween Stuff: Tesco Slime Cookies, Chocolate Skulls, Krispy Kreme Lime, etc

A few Halloween themed bits n' bobs I've seen whilst out and about... Tesco Halloween Slime Cookies : These look so cool and unique - green cookies filled with a gooey raspberry filling! Krispy Kreme Fizzy Lime Trick & Chocolate Truffle Treat : I don't know if these are new but the lime one sounds interesting! Spotted at Tesco. Krispy Kreme Chocolate Fudge Cake : Not Halloween-themed but apparently this is new...Spotted at Tesco.  Lindt Halloween Ghost Sticks : These look suspiciously similar to the chocolate carrots Lindt did at Easter..."Milk chocolate ghost sticks filled with hazelnut nougat". Spotted at Tesco.  Haribo Fangtastics : Haribo have changed the name of Tangfastics to Fangtastics...get it? Spotted at Tesco. Chewits Vampire Fangs : More fang shaped jelly sweets. Spotted at Tesco.  Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles Halloween Edition : These appear to contain just purple and orange colours from re