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Cadbury Dream White Christmas Review

Christmas is fast approaching, and while it might not be a White Christmas weather-wise (more like a washout-mas!) it now can be in terms of chocolate! Because you can get Cadbury Dream White Christmas bars with almonds, raspberries and rice crispies (available from Gb Gifts - Kevs10 gets you a 10% discount off all items). They've been selling out fast and I can see why! Now I'm a big fan of Aussie Dream white chocolate, maybe it's nostalgia since they stopped making it in the UK, but it does have a distinct "Cadbury" creamy flavour that I enjoy. So I was surprised that it actually played second fiddle in this bar and you could barely taste it! Yes, this bar is chock full of mix ins, from dried crunchy raspberries, crunchy roasted almonds and crispy rice pieces. Turning the bar over they're literally all that's visible on the bottom. I'm not always a fan of dried raspberries in chocolate to be honest, it can be either gritty or too tart

Kitkat Chocolatory Springtime in Japan Review

You may have heard in the news recently that KitKat Chocolatory has been launched in the UK - it's a service where you can create your own KitKat bar with different chocolates and fillings, or choose ready made creations. The service is available in selected John Lewis stores as well as York's Chocolate Story, but will soon be more widely available to buy online too! I was very lucky to receive some samples recently from KitKat Chocolatory - thanks so much guys! There's some interesting flavours and varieties like Billionares Caramel, Gin and Tonic and more...but today lets start with the Springtime in Japan variety, which consists of 6 wafers coated in Ruby Chocolate, filled with an apple and cherry jam and cherry pieces. It's inspired by the beautiful springtime in Japan. Now I'm not a huge fan of Ruby Chocolate, I've had mixed experiences of tasting it thus far so wasn't the most excited about this, however I have to admit it looks very pretty inde

Hunter & Gather Mayocado (Vegan Mayo) Review

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted! Apologies to anyone who still reads my blog. I’ve somewhat migrated to Instagram and it’s taken up most of my time, although I do miss doing the more wordy food ramblings on here! I’m returning with a bit of a different review; it’s less of a snack and is actually a condiment - Mayo! But not just any ordinary Mayo, this is “Mayocado” from Hunter & Gather, a company specialising in paleo, grain free, and generally healthier products. They also do Extra Virgin Avocado Oil... I was intrigued by this mayo as it’s not only vegan, it’s made with avocado oil which is supposed to be healthier than the sunflower or rapeseed oils used in most commercial mayos. To make it egg free and vegan, they’ve used pea protein, and it also contains apple cider vinegar, Himalayan pink salt, lemon juice and konjac root. I’ll be honest, opening the lid and taking a spoon the texture looks neither super appetising nor “instagrammable” (yes that’s a