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M&Ms Peanut Milk Chocolate Bar

Recently, Mars UK launched their M&M's bars range as well as Salted Caramel M&M's - what a treat! They're finally giving us more interesting products than they have in previous years. And these bad boys are extremely tasty; in fact I think I liked them more than regular M&Ms for a few reasons. Today's review is for the US version I got from A Taste Of The States - which I presume is the same as the UK one. Look at the block design - isn't it cool! The milk chocolate is smooth and has mini chocolate M&M's and peanuts embedded within, and the M logo on each block plus the M&M character smirking at you! The bar doesn't contain actual Peanut M&M's unfortunately, as I imagine they'd be a bit too big to cram into the block and still have it look all glossy. Instead it has milk chocolate mini M&M's plus roasted peanuts. The chocolate tastes pretty good quality, it's smooth and with a good cocoa flavour,

Nestle Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Recently, folks got rather excited when two new Munchies varieties were announced by Nestle: the first being today's review; Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and the other being Cookie Dough. They're possibly the first new products from Nestle in a long, long time (maybe since the Munchies Bar in the 90's?) so this was indeed quite exciting news! The Chocolate Fudge Brownie variety had me rolling my eyes initially, because it sounded like it would just be chocolate flavoured caramel. However it turned out to be quite different - they've removed the caramel and replaced it with a chocolate fudge mixture! And in my opinion this is actually a good thing as it makes these a bit different. The Munchies look like the regular ones, but cutting them open reveals the fudgey chocolate filling with the classic biscuit centre in the middle.  I have to admit it does look a bit wrong without the caramel - that's what makes a Munchie a Munchie, after all! It&#

Galaxy Fruit & Nut Chocolate Review

I didn’t even know that Galaxy UK had stopped selling their Fruit & Nut variety until recently, when GB gifts announced they were getting some in. Apparently they haven’t been on shelves for a while now but I always just assumed they were still around. However I do have strong memories of trying them as a kid, in fact I had relatives who would buy the big blocks of them, back in the days when chocolate bars were still BIG. Whilst I came to love Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut over the years, I did remember enjoying the Galaxy version for its creamy chocolate paired with fruit and nuts - a sweeter experience than Dairy Milk, but then Galaxy chocolate always has been (I think that may have changed in recent years). This version from GB Gifts, which is sourced from Galaxy Arabia like the Galaxy White Chocolate (why do they get all the best snacks?!) is pretty much the same as I recall although now comes in the sleek thin block design. Still it’s the silky Galaxy choco

White Chocolate Galaxy Bar Review

For some inexplicable reason, other countries get a lot of delightful snacks we seem unable to get ahold of here in the UK. Things like White M&Ms, Cadbury Caramilk Bars...and White Chocolate Galaxy! Yes this mythical creature actually exists and it’s thankfully now available to UK folks thanks to GB Gifts. They’re offering my readers a 10% discount off their site with code Kevs10 so be sure to use it if you want to try some! Check out the site here: I was half expecting this chocolate to be a letdown if I’m honest, despite being so excited to try it. Surely it would just be a gimmick? Thankfully not! This chocolate is actually just as good as if not even BETTER than brands like Cadbury Dream and Milkybar! Yes, I did just say that! The bars come in the nice sleek-shaped block format that UK Galaxy also now comes in. The chocolate has a very milky and creamy aroma with a hint of vanilla. The taste is super creamy, very "full on" and wi