White Chocolate Galaxy Bar Review

white chocolate galaxy bar

For some inexplicable reason, other countries get a lot of delightful snacks we seem unable to get ahold of here in the UK. Things like White M&Ms, Cadbury Caramilk Bars...and White Chocolate Galaxy! Yes this mythical creature actually exists and it’s thankfully now available to UK folks thanks to GB Gifts. They’re offering my readers a 10% discount off their site with code Kevs10 so be sure to use it if you want to try some! Check out the site here: https://www.gbgifts.co.uk/

galaxy white chocolate

I was half expecting this chocolate to be a letdown if I’m honest, despite being so excited to try it. Surely it would just be a gimmick? Thankfully not! This chocolate is actually just as good as if not even BETTER than brands like Cadbury Dream and Milkybar! Yes, I did just say that!

galaxy white chocolate

The bars come in the nice sleek-shaped block format that UK Galaxy also now comes in. The chocolate has a very milky and creamy aroma with a hint of vanilla.

galaxy white chocolate

The taste is super creamy, very "full on" and with its own distinct taste. It has that creamy smoothness that only Galaxy is known for (how do they do it?), with a somewhat vanilla or even custard like taste in the background. It’s so creamy it’s hard to describe but it’s an absolute joy to eat!

If you’ve ever been curious about what a white chocolate Galaxy might taste like, now is your time to give it a whirl! Check out GB Gifts for more, and be sure to use the code Kevs10 for 10% discount. Be quick as they do sell out pretty fast! Also stay tuned for my review of White Chocolate Galaxy Flutes!


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