Pringles Salted Egg Review

Another weird snack and this time it’s Salted Egg Flavour Pringles! These are apparently popular in other parts of the word so maybe not as weird as they may seem to us Brits... and they’re actually not so bad! Not as eggy as I expected - I had visions of an awful gaseous pong coming from the tub, haha! - but just a slight salty egg flavour.  

If you’re curious, find them from (gifted).


  1. Odd flavour and can't say I fancy it! Knowing my luck they'll have milk in them anyway. I checked the site, but no ingredients info!

  2. These just sound bizarre! I'd happily try them fact I'd quite like to try them, I'm intrigued

  3. Another weird snack and this time it’s Salted Egg Flavour Pringles! These are apparently popular in other parts of the word so maybe not as weird as they may seem to us Brits... and they’re actually not so bad! Not as eggy as I expected - I had visions of an awful gaseous pong coming from the tub, haha! - but just a slight salty egg flavour.
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  4. This looks absolutely delicious and divine ...thanks for sharing the recipe..festive greetings....hugs n smiles.
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  15. I’d love to try these! I’m in Holland right now and can’t find them.

  16. Maria & Mikko8 May 2021 at 13:39

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