Halloween Stuff: Tesco Slime Cookies, Chocolate Skulls, Krispy Kreme Lime, etc

A few Halloween themed bits n' bobs I've seen whilst out and about...

Tesco Halloween Slime Cookies: These look so cool and unique - green cookies filled with a gooey raspberry filling!

Krispy Kreme Fizzy Lime Trick & Chocolate Truffle Treat: I don't know if these are new but the lime one sounds interesting! Spotted at Tesco.

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Fudge Cake: Not Halloween-themed but apparently this is new...Spotted at Tesco. 

Lindt Halloween Ghost Sticks: These look suspiciously similar to the chocolate carrots Lindt did at Easter..."Milk chocolate ghost sticks filled with hazelnut nougat". Spotted at Tesco. 

Haribo Fangtastics: Haribo have changed the name of Tangfastics to Fangtastics...get it? Spotted at Tesco.

Chewits Vampire Fangs: More fang shaped jelly sweets. Spotted at Tesco. 

Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles Halloween Edition: These appear to contain just purple and orange colours from regular fruit pastilles. Spotted at Tesco.

Rowntree's Randoms Spooky Mix: I reviewed these last year, and they're back again! Spotted at Tesco.

Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins: Available from Tesco now in snack size bags!

Plus Reese's Miniatures are available in a Family Bag!

Milk Chocolate Apples: These are just basic chocolate apples but how spooky do they look?! Spotted at Tesco.

Smarties Pumpkins: These have been a Halloween staple for years now, they must be very popular...unfortunately some of these were a little squashed and/or melted! Spotted at Tesco.

Spooky Chocolate Skulls: Tesco are doing these chocolate skulls in white or milk chocolate for £10, plus some smaller ones for about £5.

Spooky Shreddies: a limited edition cinnamon flavour Shreddies...as a fan of cinnamon these sound really nice! Read Grocery Gems' review HERE. Spotted at Tesco.

This Limited Edition M&M's variety contains orange and green peanut M&M's. If only they could have made them in different flavours....such as orange and mint maybe? Available in most shops, plus they come with a special "Trick or Treat" bowl in Spar!

Mega Monster Munch Webs: bacon flavoured Monster Munch in web shapes...these were also out last year. Spotted at Asda.

Cadbury Mini Fingers: Cadbury Fingers in Halloween packaging. Spotted at Asda.

Baked Wotsits Zombie Fingers: I think these were also out last year...Spotted at Asda.

Cadbury Vampire Bites: Chocolate coated mallows with a gooey strawberry centre. These have been around for a few years now. Spotted at Asda.

Capri Sun Orange: 15 Capri Sun pouches in a Halloween-themed box. Spotted at Asda.

Fanta Orange: comes with terrifying party tips! Spotted at Asda.

Have you seen any cool Halloween themed snacks in shops? If so let me know via Twitter/Email!


  1. Thanks for the mention Kev!

    Those bright green cookies at Tesco look interesting - I don't remember anything like that in previous years.

    And how cool that Reese's pumpkins and miniatures are now available in big packs!

    1. Always welcome :) Yeah I've never seen anything like those cookies before...certainly never seen green coloured ones! I love that Tesco are being a bit creative this year.

  2. the green cookies look horrific. I wouldnt touch them with a barge pole, let alone give them to children.


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