Vimto Candy Floss Review

This Vimto Candyfloss has quite an amusing story behind it - it may be responsible for getting some innocent piglets hooked on sugar!

I bought it last year when I visited an arboretum (posh word for botanical gardens) in Southampton. They had some piglets there that were so cute I just had to give them something, but all I had was this tub of Vimto Candyfloss. I thought the piggies might appreciate the sugar boost so I gave them a few pieces...and they went CRAZY for it! Afterwards they started snuffling around manically, looking for more. I've since heard they've been "acting a bit funny" when fed. Oh dear - seems like I made sugar addicts out of them! If you ever happen to eat Vimto-flavoured bacon, blame me!

Luckily the candyfloss didn't send me as crazy as the piggies...I hated the stuff. When I removed the lid it looked like a solid clump of purple foam - nothing like the soft fluffy candyfloss you get at the fairground! It had a strong, artificial fruit smell that was overpowering and not very pleasant. It did smell of Vimto, but a stale, chemically version of Vimto.

It tasted pretty bad; overly sweet - which is to be expected from candyfloss - but also overpoweringly artificial and kind of stale. I could only stomach a small piece, which is unusual for me since I'll usually eat anything sweet!

Overall, I wasn't a fan of this Vimto Candyfloss, but nevertheless I do think it's great that Vimto are branching out into confectionery. Hopefully their other sweets (Bonbons etc) are much nicer!

RATING: 4 out of 10. 

Price: 99p at 99p Stores.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes. 
Nutrition (per 25g serving): 101 Calories, 0g Fat, 25g Sugar.


  1. LOL!! You Vimto'd my bacon and pork sirloin! ^_^ Amusing story...

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