Cadbury Dairy Milk Vote To Keep Me Bars 2020

Cadbury have brought back their Vote To Keep Me competition for Dairy Milk with three new bars; Out of the Blueberry, Coconutty and Crunchy Honeycomb. 

You can vote for your favourites online at:

I was kindly #gifted some to try from Cadbury PR and below are my thoughts on each variety;

Out of the Blueberry - this is a mixture of fruity blueberry pieces and white chocolate crispy pieces, and it’s honestly a nice inspired combination. Like a fruit and nut but with a blueberry edge instead. Could have been more exciting, I guess, but I liked it! 

Crunchy Honeycomb - honeycomb with fudge and hazelnuts, now it sounds boring but I rather enjoyed it! It’s very sweet but the honeycomb and fudge blend nicely with the hazelnut for several different tastes. 

Coconutty - this is coconut crumble with white chocolate crispy pearls, and it’s very nice indeed, but maybe not exciting enough for a competition like this. I think Dairy Milk with a moist coconut filling in should be a thing though - a Dairy Milk meets Bounty, yum!

Overall, maybe not the most exciting options for this years Vote To Keep Me competition but that’s how it goes sometimes. 

If you’ve tried these let me know your favourite in the comments!


  1. Anyone know when these hit other shops besides Tesco?

    1. Found today in Morrison's. £1 each ūüôā

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