Trebor Lemon Mint Softmints

Recently Trebor (owned by Mondelez/Cadbury) have added a new flavour to their Softmints range...a "Lemon Mint" variety. I haven't had Softmnts for years even though I've always loved them so this was the perfect chance for me to get re-acquainted. Surely Mondelez haven't ruined them like they have their entire Cadbury chocolate range?

Well, the texture is the same as ever...a nice crunchy shell yielding to a soft, chewy centre. The lemon flavour was very pleasant and brought a refreshing edge to the mint, but to be honest I'd rather just have regular Softmints, or Softfruits rather than combining fruit and mint together. It doesn't really work for me. Still, these are pleasant enough.

Overall, these are an ok flavour and a good excuse to eat Softmints again, but I think I'll stck with the originals and Softfruits. Thanks for the nudge to try these again though, Trebor/Mondelez/Cadbury!

7 out of 10.


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