Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks (Lightly Salted)

It's January, so of course it's time for everyone to start eating "healthy" again for a few weeks, only to cave into junk food again (we've all done it!) Luckily Yushoi have come to the rescue to help us eat better with their low calorie, nut free, high fibre, high protein snacks made of peas and rice. These are Japanese inspired, and apparently the name Yushoi is an amalgamation of the words "Yushu" which means excellent, and "Shoi" which means act or deed. So do yourself a good deed and buy these excellent snacks ;)

I bought a multipack for £1 in Morrisons, and they're also available in Tesco. They come in a few flavours but I chose lightly salted. Opening the pack revealed some "swamp green" colored snacks...I was a little scared!

Despite the slightly off-putting colour, I'm pleased to report that they tasted nothing like they look! They were very crunchy, and reminded me of Chipsticks crisps...anyone remember those?! They were very moreish, and I ended up reaching for a second bag...oops! So much for being healthy. I think the flavoured varieties are probably a lot nicer than these, but as they stand these are some tasty snacks considering they'e healthy. Who needs regular boring old crisps anyway?!

Overall, a surprisingly tasty snack to help with the healthy eating regime this January!

8 out of 10. 


  1. Balsamic and soy sauce are tasty! The smoked salt and szechuan pepper variety are really tasty!


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