Gingerbread Matchmakers, Kitkat Orange Bites, Dipdab Softies & More! (Spotted In Shops)

nestle quality street gingerbread matchmakers

It's time for another Spotted In Shops, since we're gradually heading towards that time of year when Christmas and Halloween products start appearing on shelves - yep it certainly #getsearliereveryyear! 

First up are the New Limited Edition Quality Street Gingerbread Matchmakers pictured above, an early product for the festive season. They're only available at Tesco for £2 so far, and presumably replace the Salted Caramel variety from last year.

kitkat bites orange

Nestle have also added a new Orange Flavour to their Kitkat Bites range, which is currently only exclusive to Morrisons.

kitkat chunky orange

Luckily, if you have no Morrisons nearby you can get Orange Kitkat Chunky multipacks from Poundland as well as Home Bargains.

poundland white chocolate malt balls

Poundland are also selling their own take on White Maltesers - White Chocolate Mat Balls. Of course they probably won't be half as good as the glorious White Maltesers were (sign the petition if you'd like them brought back), but I guess we'll have to make do!

Yowie Chocolates

Who remembers Yowie chocolates? They're basically a bit like Kinder Eggs with a surprise toy inside and used to be made by Cadbury. Well, they're back! Now available in WH Smiths, although no longer made by Cadbury.

barratt dip dab softies

New at Tesco are these Barratt Dipdab Softies, which I think look a bit like mushrooms?

maynards bassetts wild safari soft jellies

Also new at Tesco, Maynards Bassetts have launched a range of Soft Jellies called Wild Safari, made with natural colours.


Move over Nutella, there's a new contender for your crown and it's GU! This Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread contains 37% hazelnuts which is a lot more than Nutella, is gluten free and has no added palm oil. Boom! Available from Tesco.


Not content with a Hazelnut Spread, GU are also doing a Salted Caramel variety! Again this is gluten free and contains no palm oil, and is available from Tesco.

kenco coconut iced latte

Kenco have launched some new Iced Lattes, available from Tesco in Vanilla, Coconut and...

kenco salted caramel iced latte

Salted Caramel flavours, of course!

nescafe gold caramelised almond and vanilla latte

Nescafe have been busy adding some new Seasonal Editions to their range, with a Caramelised Almond & Vanilla Latte, spotted at Asda...

Nescafe Gold Choco Caramel Mocha

Plus a Nescafe Gold Choco Caramel Mocha...

As well as their famous seasonal Gingerbread Latte (check out my review of it from several years ago!)

lucozade larazade

In fizzy drinks, Lucozade are doing some promo for the new Tomb Raider film by renaming as Larazade. Spotted at Sainsbury's.

pot rice vegetable curry

Who remembers Pot Rice? Made by the same people as Pot Noodle this is a convenient rice based snack where you just add water...and it's back on shelves again! Available at Asda in three flavours.

sunpat high protein peanut butter

Sun-Pat are now doing "Protein" Peanut Butter, which contains 30% protein per serving. I'm not sure how much it contained before but I always thought peanut butter was high protein anyway? Spotted at Tesco.

peanut hottie peanut butter powder

Peanut Hottie, makers of the peanut flavoured hot drink (check out my review!) have branched out into...Peanut Butter Powder. Which seems an odd choice to me, is there really a demand for peanut butter in powder form? Spotted in Tesco.

peanut hottie chocolate peanut butter powder

There's also a Chocolate Peanut Butter Powder at Tesco.

mister choc spiced biscuit spread

Lidl are taking on Biscoff Spread with their own spread, called "Mister Choc Spiced Biscuit Spread", available in both Smooth and Crunchy varieties.

maltesers milk drink

Not quite new, but Maltesers Milk Drinks currently have 25% Extra Free! Spotted in The Co Op.

bake it slim mug cake mix

One for those watching their weight, these "Bake it Slim" mug cake powders are available at Home Bargains.

Free'Ist sugar free coconut cookies

For those avoiding sugar, there's new Free'Ist Sugar Free Coconut Cookies, plus a Chocolate Chip variety in Sainsbury's.

fuel chocolate peanut butter

Back to peanut butter and Fuel now make pouches of chocolate flavour Peanut Butter, available at Tesco and Asda.

hotel chocolate salted caramel cocoa vodka

Last but not least, Hotel Chocolat have created some unique new liquers, with a Salted Caramel Cocoa Vodka variety and Cocoa Flavour Gin. Both are available from Fenwicks and Hotel Chocolat.

Well, that's all for this edition of Spotted In Shops, but no doubt it'll be back again pretty soon - there's so many new products being launched lately! Have a great week everyone :)


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