Cadbury Heroes & Celebrations Tubs now in shops! #christmasinsummer

cadbury heroes tesco

I first ranted about Christmas coming early several years back, and it seems that Christmas products seem to appear in shops earlier and earlier every year. We've now reached a point where they're apparently necessary whilst still basking in the Summer heat!

mars celebrations tubs

I must admit I was a little surprised to see these tubs of Cadbury Heroes and Mars Celebrations on Friday. It's become the norm to get them in September but I don't think they've ever been out this early before?

cadbury heroes tubs

If you're desperate to get your hands on some of the sugary goodness, they're £5 a tub in Tesco which is pretty reasonable (that said, they may be rather melted depending on the heat where you are!)

As well as the tubs, B&M have started stocking...stocking fillers! Such as Nestle Jelly Tots:

nestle jelly tots stocking filler

Caramac Buttons:

caramac buttons stocking filler

And Swizzel's Lovehearts tubes, now with Emojis:

swizzels lovehearts sweets

As well as those, in Tesco Express I've seen tubs of Quality Street:

nestle quality street

Plus Cadbury Roses:

cadbury roses tind

There's also some festive Dairy Free chocolates in Holland & Barrett. No doubt more Christmassy treats will follow shortly!

What do you think - is it #toosoon? Are you ready to get in the festive spirit early? Let me know in the comments! #christmasinsummer


  1. my local Martins tends to start their christmas stuff creeping in from august. my local B&M has a terrible issue with lack of air conditioning meaning in the hot weather it's unbearable in there and stock starts to melt on the shelves and people squish it and poke it so i hope they'll be holding off on their xmas stuff for that reason! (i've been emailing their head office for 5 years asking them to sort out their staffs working conditions but no joy - they must lose so much stock - 'blooming' chocolate is one thing - bags of chocolate that have melted into a solid lump is quite another!)

    1. I've had similar complaints about B&M from family...I went in one store the other week and we had to come out, it was like a sauna! The poor staff. Might have to join you in emailing them!

    2. for the sake of the staff its worth emailing, but in 5 years they have done nothing in mine. In previous years it wasn't even the kind of weather we've had recently, just normal summer weather. you got a sweat moustache just walking around with a basket!

      i emailed this year and also mentioned their fridges must have to work over time as well- in previous years they didn't have this so the fridges must be churning through electricity like nobodies business - wouldn't buy anything out of the chiller cabinet as wouldn't trust it was kept at a safe temperature!

      It's interesting to know it's not just my local one. the Home bargains right next door has air con!

  2. Did the Celebrations contain the rumoured Milky Way Crispy Rolls?

    1. I have no idea! Where does this rumour come from?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. At Christmas time there was a photo circulating of a tub of European or American Celebrations that included Milk Way Crispy Rolls.
      My hope was that it had created enough hype for them to be included this year but it seems not :(


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