Cadbury to launch new Darkmilk Chocolate in UK!

Cadbury Darkmilk Original

Just a quick spot of Snacks News today - Cadbury UK are going to launch a new Chocolate bar in September called Darkmilk! Already available in Australia in several flavours, this is a richer take on Dairy Milk with 40% cocoa and 14% milk, compared to Dairy Milk which is 23% cocoa and 20% milk. It will cost £1.49 for an 85g bar, with smaller bars launching later. There's an Original variety plus Roasted Almond:

Cadbury Darkmilk Roasted Almond

Are you excited to try this richer version of Dairy Milk? Are you willing to pay more for a higher cocoa percentage? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Cadbury embodies everything that is British in todays world - A quintessentially British name, owned by an American company and produced in Poland. On the topic of Mondelez, I bought a pack of Terrys Choc Orange bites yesterday and instead of Mondelez it said Carambar and Co on the back - and lo, on the internet, Mondelez have stated that, after buying Terrys in 1993, they have quietly sold it to a French company - Carambar and Co and from August this year all Terrys products will be made by them. It seems to have been given very little publicity.

    1. Wow interesting, thanks for letting me know! I wonder if there's any change in taste.

    2. There doesn't seem to be any change in taste - I bought some Terrys All Gold Dark today in Asda - one box was branded Mondelez on the back of the box (in small writing of course) and another was branded with Carambar and CO on the back - there is no difference in taste or packaging between either product - I hope they extend the Terrys range because Mondelez left it dormant for several years and never added any new products - maybe Carambar, with the excitement of acquiring a new, big brand, will bring back Terrys white choc orange or Terrys Neopolitans - now that Kraft/Mondelez is out of the picture. I always wanted you to review Terrys all gold - you have done Cadbury milk tray and roses and quality street etc - maybe try Terrys All gold Milk or Dark - that would be a really cool, interesting review of a product that's been around since 1932 but gets no advertisement anywhere in the UK media.

    3. Or review the new Nestle Dairy box with new flavours!


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