Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Crunch, Toblerone Cookies etc (Spotted In Shops!)

Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Crunch

Asda are outdoing everyone this week with new icy desserts, so once again it's time for another Spotted In Shops focused on some new things there! 

Firstly - Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Crunch has arrived in tub format, hurrah! Featuring peanut butter ice cream, swirls of peanut butter and caramel this is most definitely a peanut butter lovers dream come true!

One for fans of fruitier iced treats, there's also these new Rowntrees Watermelon Lollies:

rowntrees watermelon lollies

Another addition to the Rowntrees range are these Fruit Pastilles Push Up Lollies:

rowntrees fruit pastilles push up lollies

Robinsons, the famous fruit squash makers are now doing Fruit & Barley Ice Lollies. These sound refreshing!

robinsons fruit and barley ice lollies

Even Swizzels are getting in on the act, with these Love Hearts Fruit Flavour Ice Lollies:

swizzels fruit ice lollies

Asda are taking on Magnum and have launched a new Raspberry & White Chocolate Moments variety:

asda raspberry and white chocolate moments

Plus Asda Moments Mint:

asda moments mint

Also out at Asda are these Freshly Baked Daim Cookies, containing real Daim pieces and toffee pieces:

daim cookies

Plus Toblerone Cookies!

fresh toblerone cookies

Asda have also launched this new All American Ice Cream Sundae Cake, complete with lots of sweeties. Perfect if it happens to be your birthday soon!

asda ice cream sundae cake

Asda Unicorn Cake:

asda unicorn cake

And last but not least, they're aso doing a unicorn cake. Of course. As well as the million and one other unicorn products they are also selling!

Well that's all for now, but there's more new products to come! Have you tried any of these? As always, leave a message in the comments to let me know your thoughts!


  1. Love the spotted in shops posts! I thought the Daim and Toblerone cookies had been around for a while though??


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