Barratt Fruity Coconut Mushrooms (Poundland)

Barratt Fruity Coconut Mushrooms

You can't beat coconut mushrooms. They're one of those classic Pick & Mix sweets that many of us know and love, and now Barratt have only gone and made a Fruity variety. Happy days! I was expecting these to taste of just regular coconut mushrooms when I saw them in Poundland recently, but to my surprise they actually turned out to have different individual fruit flavours.

Barratt Fruity Coconut Mushrooms

How pretty do they look? A lot nicer than regular coconut mushrooms that's for sure!

Barratt Fruity Coconut Mushrooms

There's classic fruit flavours like strawberry, lime, lemon, orange and er...blackcurrant? They contain no artificial colours or flavours, which is always a plus, but unfortunately aren't suitable for vegetarians as they contain gelatin.

barratt fruity coconut mushrooms

They're super tasty and moreish, with the coconut giving them that unmistakable tropical edge and the fruit flavours enhancing them even more. These were a lot nicer and more interesting than regular coconut mushrooms, and it's very easy to scoff most of the bag!

Overall, I reckon Baratt are geniuses for making these, they're a simple twist on a classic but they work so, so well! If you happen to be in Poundland and spot these pop some in your basket - you won't regret it! They'd be particularly good for snacking on at the cinema.

9 out of 10.


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