Ben & Jerry's Moophphoria Light Ice Creams, M&Ms Peanut Ice Cream (UK)

ben and jerrys moophoria chocolate cookie dough

A Spotted In Shops today focused on ice creams - as well as all the new Haagen Dazs varieties launched recently, Ben & Jerry's are moving into "light" ice creams, perhaps to compete with the likes of Halo Top (which is curently on offer for £3.50 at Tesco!)

The're doing a Chocolate Cookie Dough tub, with "chocolate ice cream and chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough", containing 132 calories per 100ml.

ben and jerrys moophoria caramel cookie fix

Plus Caramel Cookie Fix which consists of "vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirl and shortbread cookies" and contains 128 calories per 100ml. The ingredients contain no sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes. Both available at Sainsbury's.

carte dor organic colombian coffee

Sainsbury's are also selling some new Organic varieties of Carte D'or Ice Cream, including the lovely sounding Roasted Colombian Coffee above. Also available in Chocolate & Vanilla.

carte dor les supremes pavlova

Also new from Carte D'or are these Les Supremes Inspiration desserts, with a Pavlova variety...

carte dor parfait au chocolat

As well as Parfait Au Chocolat, Tiramisu, and Lemon. Available at Sainsbury's and Tesco. 
m&ms peanut ice cream stick

Last but not least, Mars have launched an M&M's Peanut Ice Cream stick into convenience stores! I haven't seen these anywhere yet so do let me know if you spot one!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more Spotted In Shops! If you've tried any of these new ice creams and desserts do let me know your thoughts in the comments...


  1. Nice work Kev!

  2. Another fab post Kev, I enjoyed hearing about new snack releases and who can say no to ice-cream? :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Great posts Kev, I've asked all our staff to follow you on Instagram so they are up to date with Ice Cream NPD. Keep up the good work.

  4. The Colombian coffee ice cream sounds absolutely divine, great spot!!


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