Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices, Baileys Almande Dairy Free & More!

mr kipling unicorn slices

Not so much a Spotted In Shops today but a New In Shops...because I haven't yet spotted any of the products featured. I'm on the hunt for several of them however!

First up - Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices! Unicorns are infiltrating everything these days, from cakes to chocolates to...shampoo (yes really!), so it's only fitting that Mr Kipling have gotten in on the trend. These multicoloured cake slices are apparently available from Tesco although I haven't seen them in mine yet.

Baileys Dairy Free Almande Almond Drink:
baileys almande dairy free almond drink

Made with almond milk, this new Baileys liquer is both dairy free and gluten free, hurrah! It's one I am on the search for and hopefully Asda will be stocking it soon. Suitable for vegans.

Costa White Hot Chocolate:
Costa White Hot Chocolate

This white hot chocolate came out several years ago as part of one of Costa's Christmas ranges but it's bck again, this time for the Spring season! Available in stores now.

Costa Easter Choco Crunch:
Costa Easter Choco Crunch

Looking somewhat like doughnuts, these new chocolate coated treats from Costa are made up of rice kirspies. Also part of the Spring Menu.

Blacksticks Blue Cheese Easter Egg:
Blacksticks Blue Cheese Easter Egg

Easter is just around the corner and it wouldn't be complete without a weird novelty egg...this "Cheester Egg" is available from Asda.

Nestle Orange Smarties Limited Edition:

As well as launching Orange Smarties Mini Eggs and an Easter Egg, Nestle have brought back Orange Smarties in both small and large tubes for the Spring period. It remains to be seen if they will come back permanently, so make the most of them while you can!

Fox's Glacier Limited Edition Tropical:
Fox's Glacier Limited Edition Tropical

Fox's are celebrating their 100th anniversary (this seems to be the year of anniversaries!) with this tropical variety featuring pineapple, mango & passionfruit and coconut flavours. It will cost £1.40 and is in stores until September. There's also a new Spearmint variety in the Glacier Mints range.

Flower & White Chocolate Meringue Bar:
Flower &White Chocolate Meringue Bar

A new type of treat, these gluten free low fat bars will be available from The Spar and are available in Raspberry and Chocolate flavours. They cost £1.29.

Walkers Nonsuch Salted Caramel Toffees:
Walkers Nonsuch Salted Caramel Toffees

Walkers Nonsuch have introduced a salted caramel variety to their famous toffee range, which costs £1.50 for a 150g bag and is gluten free.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Despicable Me Jelly Beans:
Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Despicable Me Jelly Beans

This limited edition Minions variety of Bean Boozled jelly beans contains some weird "look-alike" flavours – Green Apple and Minion Fart – join existing Pencil Shavings and Ba-na-na, Barf and Peach, Booger and Juicy Pear, Canned Dog Food and Chocolate Pudding, Caramel Corn and Mouldy Cheese, Dead Fish and Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Rotten Egg and Buttered Popcorn, Spoiled Milk and Coconut, and Stinky Socks and Tutti-Fruitti flavours.

Anyone else feel slightly nauseous?

Starburst Red Berry Sugar Free Chewing Gum Sticks:
Starburst Red Berry Chewing Gum Sticks
Bridging the gap bewteen chewing gum and candy are these new Starburst chewing gum sticks.

Fruittella Sugar Free Fruit Drops:
Fruittella Sugar Free Fruit Drops

Retailing at £1 these will be available in a flip top box, in Citrus and Mixed Red Berry flavours.

Innocent Almond, Hazelnut & Oat Milks:

Innocent Drinks are launching their own plant-based milk range, in Almond, Hazelnut and Oat varieties. Curiously no coconut version! Good news for those who are dairy free.

Muller Corner Lactose Free Yogurts:

Not dairy free, but free from lactose these new Muller Corners will be good news for those who are lactose intolerant. Although personally I think it's just easier to avoid the stuff full stop.

That's all for today's post...hope you've enjoyed reading! Stay tuned for more new products in shops!


  1. I can confirm I saw the unicorn slices in my Tesco though they only had about 6. They must be in short supply - or high demand!

  2. My local Tesco has been stocking the dairy free Baileys for a few weeks now. It ain't cheap though; £20 for a 70cl bottle.

  3. I wonder how clean the ingredients of the Innocent milk replacements are - i try to avoid the ones that seem to be full of unpronouncable things... I switched from milk as i thought it was upsetting my guts and have tried lots of replacement, i went back to milk a few weeks ago and there doesnt seem to be a lot of different so i may just switch back and forth, as the long life UHT milk is much cheaper!

    1. They are claiming they will be only nuts and water :)


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