Cadbury Heroes Cupcakes & Rocky Road Mud Cake (Spotted In Shops)

Cadbury Heroes Party Cupcakes

A Spotted In Shops focused on cakes and biscuits today, since there are so many new treats in shops lately! 

First up is the rather special Cadbury Heroes Party Cupcakes Selection. Now even though this is called Cadbury Heroes, the cupcakes only feature Cadbury Caramel, Cadbury Crunchie and Cadbury Flake. That's hardly "Heroes", Cadbury! Still these cupcakes with their caramel and chocolate buttercreams do sound pretty scrumptious. Spotted in Tesco.

Cadbury Rocky Road Mud Cake:
Cadbury Rocky Road Mud Cake

A new "gluten free" Mud Cake from Cadbury, made with Cadbury Chocolate that can be found in the Free From frozen section at Tesco. Although this is gluten free, it's made from wheat starch that has had the gluten if you're super sensitive to wheat I would advise caution with this. Otherwise, it sounds like a tasty cake indeed!

Galaxy Chocolate Mousse Cake:
Galaxy Chocolate Mousse Cake

A delicious new cake from Mars, this one features a biscuit base and layers of chocolate mousse, topped with Galaxy chocolate buttons. Yummo! Spotted at Tesco.

Mars Mud Pie:
Mars Mud Pie

This has been out for a while but I'm late in posting about it - the Mars Mud Pie! Described as a "delicious chocolate and caramel mousse dessert" this looks very tasty indeed!

Swizzels Loadsa Sweets Party Cake:
Swizzels Loadsa Sweets Party Cake

This caught my eye purely due to all the sweets on top - what a sugar rush! Not only does it have gummy fried eggs, but Squashies sweets and Rainbow Drops. Spotted in Tesco.

Tesco Rainbow Cake:
Tesco Rainbow Cake

Rainbows and unicorns are inflitrating everything these days...and if you love this kind of thing Tesco have made a cake just for you: this multicoloured rainbow cake complete with rainbow decoration on top! So sparkly and magical! Tesco also do a Unicorn Cake if that's more your kind of thing.

Asda Unicorn Cake:
Asda Unicorn Cake

Not to be outdone by Tesco, Asda are doing their own Unicorn Cake that looks a lot nicer (I did have a photo of the Tesco version but seem to have lost it - it's on my Instagram page somewhere). Apparently it serves 18...yeah right, maybe 18 mice!

Shopkins Rainbow Bite Celebration Cake:
Shopkins Rainbow Bite Celebration Cake

Staying with the #rainbowsandunicorns theme (it seems we live in hashtags these days! #thestruggleisreal) there's this cute Shopkins Rainbow Bite Celebration Cake, available at Tesco.

Pusheen The Cat Super Fancy Celebration Cake:

I don't know who Pusheen the Cat is but he/she has a cake made in their image. One for the kiddies no doubt. Available at Tesco.

Mr Kipling Marzipan Fruit Slices & Hot Cross Squares:
Mr Kipling Marzipan Fruit Slices & Hot Cross Squares

Mr Kipling have brought out these unique sounding cakes for Easter, in Marzipan and Hot Cross Square form. Available at all supermarkets. 

Cadbury Chocolate Melt In The Middle Puddings:
Cadbury Chocolate Melt In The Middle Puddings

Cadbury aren't content with all the other new products they've released recently, oh no, they're also doing these Melt In The Middle Puddings, which I'm sure have been around before in some other form. There's also a Cadbury Caramel variety. Spotted in Tesco Frozen aisle. 

Jammie Dodgers Lemon Twist Limited Edition:
Jammie Dodgers Lemon Twist Limited Edition

I'm not sure what's new about this limited edition - Jammie Dodgers have done a lemon variety before as Lively Lemon, so I'm guessing it's a rehash. If anyone knows do leave a comment! Spotted in Tesco. 

Hill Biscuits Chocolate Orange Creams Limited Edition:
Hill Biscuits Chocolate Orange Creams Limited Edition

Hill Biscuits are famous for their discount range of various cream biscuts, most famously their Digestive Creams, and now they have made something rather novel indeed - a Chocolate Orange Cream! Kudos to them! Spotted in Home Bargains. 

Tesco Free From Strawberry Cheesecake:
Tesco Free From Strawberry Cheesecake

Back to desserts again, and Tesco are catering for us Gluten Free folk with this lovely looking Strawberry Cheesecake. It's pretty difficult to find gluten free cheesecakes, so hurrah for Tesco!

Tesco Easter Chocolate Traybake:
Tesco Easter Chocolate Traybake

Staying with Tesco, they have quite a delicious looking range of Easter products at the moment...and this Easter Traybake complete with Gummy Fried Eggs and Mini Eggs looks pretty nifty indeed. Find it in the bakery aisle.

Tesco Easter Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake:
Tesco Easter Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake

Tesco are also doing this Easter Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake - the hot part comes in when you heat it in the microwave to turn the topping into a melted gooey sauce. Yum, what a great idea!

Tesco Raspberry Passionfruit Gateau:
Tesco Raspberry Passionfruit Gateau

I'm pretty sure this gateau isn't all that new, it looks like something Tesco have done before. If anyone knows please leave a comment!

Tesco Finest Belgian White Chocolate & Mixed Berry Cheesecake:
Tesco Finest Belgian White Chocolate & Mixed Berry Cheesecake

You can't beat Belgian White Chocolate, especially when combined with the ultimate food of the gods - cheesecake!

Well, that's all for today, stay tuned for more Spotted In Shops focused on other's getting close to Easter so I'll be featuring Easter Eggs soon! As always, if you've tried any of these products do let me know via the comments!


  1. I've had the marzipan and fruit Mr Kipling cakes and they are really good !


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