Pringles Minis Review

Recently, Home Bargains started selling these bags of Pringles Minis in Original and Sour Cream and Onion flavours. They’re only 39p a bag so I had to stock up on a few packs.

A quick google reveals that these were launched into the Vending Machine trade earlier this year, but presumably the pandemic has put a halt on that.

Unfortunately they were not as great as anticipated. They tasted somewhat stale and not as flavoursome as normal Pringles, and also felt less satisfying to eat. Overall these were a miss. Such a shame because they had potential!


  1. Yikes, never seen these! Pringles in a packet - how odd :-|

  2. It's been a while since I tried these, but I seem to remember them being more like Disco's in texture than regular Pringles ūü§Ē

  3. Ooh these used to be a thing! Probably around a decade ago? They came in a little plastic tray in a packet....I'd forgotten about them, hadn't really been conscious they weren't around any more! Wonder if they're still the same recipe or if they've changed them.

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