Maltesers Buttons, Oreo Cake Bars, Rolo Snack Bars & More!

maltesers buttons

A long overdue Spotted In Shops today...without further ado let's crack on and take a look at some of the new treats in shops this Summer!

First up - Maltesers  Buttons are now out at Tesco in large and small bags. Nom nom!

nestle rolo snack

Also at Tesco - the new Rolo Snack dessert bars!

cadbury layers of joy summer trifle

This new Cadbury Layers of Joy Summer Trifle is available from Tesco and also Heron Foods. Featuring berries, white chocolate dessert and cream - yum!

haribo squidgelets

New Haribo alert! These Squidgelets are "a soft mix of squidge" and come in flavours like bubblegum and cola. Spotted in Poundland.

toblerone ice cream

Not available everywhere, but I spotted these mini tubs of Toblerone Ice Cream at Heron Foods.

cadbury oreo chocolate cake

Currently found in Home Bargains, Cadbury have only gone and created Oreo Cakes - pieces of chocolate cake coated in Cadbury chocolate. Yum!

swizzels drumstick squashies cupcake kit

Swizzels have brought their Drumstick sweets to cupcakes, which might be a sweetie overload! Spotted in Morrisons.

swizzels lovehearts cupcake kit

Plus there's a Swizzels Love Hearts cupcake kit, how sweet! Available in Morrisons.

swizzels refreshers frosting

If you need to slather extra sweetness onto those cupcakes, there's now this tangy fizzy flavour frosting from Swizzels Refreshers. Available at B&M Bargains.

fizzy iron brew bottles

If you want further sweets to add to your creations, B&M are also selling these new "One Pounders" bags of Fizzy Iron Brew bottles.

jammie wagon wheels teacakes

Back to Morrisons, they are now selling new Wagon Wheels Jammie Teacakes!

morrisons doughnut sweetie cake

Plus their very own Homer Simpson inspired creative "Doughnut Sweetie Cake" for £4.

As well as Morrisons "Sweetshop" icecream, marshmallow flavour icecream topped with marshmallows.

mcvities moments salted caramel billionaire

Back to Tesco, they're stocking a new range from McVities called "Moments", made with Digestives biscuits. There's a Salted Caramel Billionaire variety...

mcvities moments honeycomb crunch

Plus Honeycomb Crunch, as well as Rocky Road (not pictured) priced at £1.70 for a 4 pack.

Mr Kipling have brought out a new range of Roald Dahl themed cakes and pastries, available at Tesco. There's The Enormous Crocs Chocolate Mud Pies...

Plus James' Peaches and Cream Slices...

The BFG'S Strawberries & Cream Fancies...

Plus Mr Fox's Fantastic Forrest Fruit Slices.

Tesco are also doing a new Marshmallow Ice Cream - perfect for Summer days!

From Tesco to Asda now - they're selling these limited edition Skittles Orchards. Perhaps an odd choice for the Summer season, but it's always nice to have new varieties!

marks and spencer percys parents

The latest Percy Pig limited edition from Marks and Spencer is "Percy's Parents". Because even our favourite fruit piggy had to come from somewhere...sorry folks it's just biology!

walkers poppables bbq

A new range from Walkers crisps has been launched called Poppables. Already available in other countries, these are "perfectly poppable crispy potato bites", presumably meaning you can pop more into your mouth? Available in BBQ Rib flavour, Cheddar Cheese and also Sweet Chilli. Spotted in Sainsbury's.

milka sensations cookies

Milka Sensations Cookies...these are similar to the Cadbury filled cookies and are available in B&M stores. I don't know how they compare but if anyone has tried them please let me know!

naked marshmallow gin and vodka

The Naked Marshmallow Co Gin and Vodka! What a time to be alive...if you like the flavour of alcohol with marshmallow that is! Spotted in Fenwicks department store (probably available online too).

alpro salted caramel almond ice cream

Since launching the Alpro Coconut Ice Cream and Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream, Alpro are back again with an Almond Salted Caramel variety. Made with almond milk, suitable for vegans and dairy free, these are available in Waitrose stores and online.

alpro caffe coffee and coconut

They've also launched a new flavour in their Alpro Caffe chilled coffee range, a Coffee and Coconut variety.

maynards wine gums mocktails

Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Mocktails...because Summer wouldn't be complete without cocktail flavoured sweets! Available in WH Smiths.

sainsburys sated caramel honeycomb ice cream

Sainsbury's have brought out several new ice creams for Summer, including a Caramel Cappuccino as well as this Salted Caramel and Honeycomb ice cream. Yum!

lindt excellence pampelmousse rose

Quite random, but Poundland were recently selling these unusual bars of Lindt Noir Excellence "Pamplemousse Rose", which is apparently Grapefruit flavour.

B&M are now selling these Fressers Unicorn Bites, which are unicorn shaped cookies with a chocolate cream filling. The unicorn trend will never end!

I don't know how widesly available these are, but I spotted Haribo Fruitmania Lemon sweets in Poundstretcher recently. Suitable for vegans!

cacatus jacks schnapps fruit salad rhubarb custard

Last but not least, B&M are selling these limited edition Cactus Jacks Schnapps varieties - Rhubarb and Custard and Fruit Salad. Can't get more retro sweet than that!

Well, that's all for this edition of Spotted In Shops, but do stay tuned for more as there was a lot I couldn't include this time. If you see any new things in shops do let me know in the comments or via my Twitter or Instagram feeds! Have a great Summery weekend everyone!


  1. Epic post Kev. A good spotted in shops post is hard to beat.

  2. i thought about buying those oreo cake bars from home bargains on thursday but something stopped me - given the cadbury 'mandolins' - and the poor quality of them, given these also seem to be from somewhere in the middle east i thought they might be shoddy so i resisted!

  3. I miss Percy Pig Rosy Noses!


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