Charlene's Chocolate Factory Mint Choc Chip

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Mint Choc Chip

Following on from the Bubblegum Blonde Chocolate from Charlene's Chocolate Factory, today's review is for their Mint Choc Chip bar, a green-coloured white chocolate containing mint and milk chocolate chips. You can buy this from Charlene's website here:

The name Charlene's Chocolate Factory is of course based on the classic film Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and their range includes some unique and unusual flavoured bars, from Gin and Tonic to Basil & Rosemary, and even Marmite. They certainly have something for everyone!

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Mint Choc Chip

While the colour of the Bubblegum Blonde bar may have been a bit out there, this one is more reminiscent of the innards of a Mint Aero, which is quite comforting - you know to expect sweet minty goodness!

And that's exactly what this bar is, sweet minty white chocolate, offset with the milk chocolate chunks. It's sweet and it works very well, the milk chocolate chunks break up the sweetness a little and also look pretty cool embedded in the bar.

Overall, this is a tasty bar and definitely one for the mint chocolate lovers. To buy this or any other bars from the range check out:

8 out of 10. 


  1. My first thought was actually of Charlene from Neighbours...

  2. Great post Kev, I’m really intrigued by this brand, and love that you are reviewing less mainstream options. I like buying chocolate from independent shops for something different. If this one tastes like mint aero, I think I would like it! :-) xx

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