So Free Dark Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Sugar

So Free Dark Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Nectar

Another Plamil review today and this time it's for their So Free Organic Dark Chocolate sweetened with Coconut Blossom Sugar. This bar is dairy free, vegan and contains 67% cocoa solids and replaces white sugar with coconut sugar. So how does this affect the taste?

So Free Dark Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Nectar

Opening the wrapper it smellt very rich with a distinctive almost treacle-like aroma, which is presumably the coconut sugar. I do find coconut sugar generally has that kind of taste, which is very different from white sugar but nice in its own way - it lends an almost caramel flavour to chocolate.

So Free Dark Chocolate with Coconut Blossom Nectar

The taste is interesting...the coconut sugar is very prominent, and like I said it does have that treacle-like flavour which is quite strong. To be honest I'm not sure it worked with the dark chocolate, I think the cocoa clashes too much with it. A milkier chocolate might have been better (the Waitrose 1 Indian Ocean Bar is a good example of coconut sugar that tastes great in chocolate).

Overall, not a bad bar at all and this is certainly great quality, and perfect for anyone wanting to reduce their sugar intake or avoid white sugar. But I would like to see a version with a milkier/creamier chocolate recipe, perhaps with added coconut milk.

For more info on Plamil's So Free range see:

7 out of 10.


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