Prestat The Red Box Review

prestat the red box

Amongst the treats Prestat sent me recently, such as the Ruby Chocolate Bar and Ruby Chocolate Thins they also sent me this box of truffles named The Red Box. Originally conceived of in the 1950s, "this delightful box adorned the drawing rooms and ballrooms of the stateliest of Britain’s homes and could be found in the green rooms of London’s famous West End Theatres". Prestat truffles were also "adored" by Roald Dahl, creator of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

prestat the red box

Beautifully presented, the chocolates come in three types: dark, milk and of course white. The flavours are Sweet Clementine, Earl Grey and London Gin & Lemon. I started off by trying the Earl Grey since I'm a big fan of earl grey tea.

prestat the red box

Encased in milk chocolate, the truffle contains milk chocolate ganache infused with earl grey tea, and you can just about see the specks of tea in it. It tastes delicious! The chocolate is high quality whilst the creamy ganache is very comforting with the bergamot earl grey flavours. Yum!

prestat the red box

The Sweet Clementine is somewhat richer, as it contains 60% cocoa dark chocolate with a clementine oil ganache. The filling is nice and zesty, and works very well with the richer chocolate. Definitely one for those who like orangey chocolate combinations.

prestat the red box

Last but not least, the Gin and Lemon! Combining a London Gin, lemon and touch of fizz filling with smooth 28% cocoa white chocolate, this is perhaps the star of the box, perfect for any gin fanatic! The creamy chocolate offsets the boozy filling beautifully...I really enjoyed this one and I'm not usually a fan of alcoholic chocolates.

Overall, what can I say but this is definitely a very special box of chocolates. All high quality, unique and tasty and very British too! If you haven't tried it yet I would highly recommend doing so - it would also make a rather special gift.

8.5 out of 10. 

For more info and to buy, see Prestat's website:


  1. these sounds very lovely!

    i still think 'prestat' sounds like a medication/medical treatment though!


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