Prestat Ruby Chocolate Thins

Prestat Ruby Chocolate Thins

Following on from my review of the Prestat Ruby Chocolate Bar, today's review is for their Ruby Chocolate Thins. I was super excited to try these, perhaps even moreso than the bar because who doesn't love nibbly pieces of chocolate - they looked like buttons, albeit very large buttons! They're made with the same ingredients as the bar version, a mixture of cocoa butter, milk powder and ruby cocoa. The cocoa solids are lower in the ingredients list that regular chocolate, making this more of a creamy chocolate akin to white chocolate, but with a fruity, slightly tart edge.

Prestat Ruby Chocolate Thins

How pretty do they look? I mean I'm not usually one for pink coloured things but these are rather special indeed!

Prestat Ruby Chocolate Thins

The discs or "thins" were nice and big, perfect for nibbling on and felt like a real treat indeed. The taste is fruity, creamy and slightly sharp, like that of a good quality cocoa but toned down with a creamy edge from the milk powder. They're highly moreish, and I certainly ate more than a few in one sitting! They're also handy for melting in this form - I used some to top cookies with and they looked and tasted wonderful. I can imagine many great creations will be made with this chocolate, and I do look forward  to seeing what other products come out in the future.

Bravo Prestat, these are delightful!

For more info and to buy:

9 out of 10. 


  1. I found these in our local TK Maxx of all places but we're generally a bit remote to be able to get Prestat stuff. Fortunately, one of our local chocolate shops has started doing their own ruby bars which I dare say are even nicer!


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