Tesco Frozen Porridge Madness!

tesco frozen porridge

If I thought the new Tesco Frozen Toasted Sandwiches were a bit silly recently, even they didn't quite prepare me for Tesco's next ridiculous frozen product...Frozen Porridge!

tesco frozen blueberry porridge

Quite why anyone would want to eat reheated porridge from frozen is beyond me...can't porridge be made in the microwave anyway? I suppose if you're someone who doesn't happen to have milk in the fridge these may be handy, but who doesn't have milk in the fridge? Odd!

Would you buy this Tesco Frozen Porridge? Do you think it's a good idea? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Seems daft. For a quid you can get a bag of porridge and a pint of milk. Or even cheaper, make it with water...

  2. Wierd! i saw these on your IG but didnt register they were frozen. I make my porridge at work with water, just boiling water from the kettle (it's not instant) - not to everyones taste but i can't be bothered to go to the microwave (and its a work one so it's gross) i only make it with milk when im at home. although i think ive only made it with a milk substitute once, but i dont have it very often at home anyway.

    id be tempted to try it to see what its like!

    1. Also, i assume like most of the pre prepared stuff that we all think "you can buy a bag of oats for that" or "how lazy!" it's a life saver for people with certain disabilities etc. It could have been useful for my Nan when she was still living at home with early stages of dementia and might not have been up to making itself, that sort of thing.


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