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Jude's Brown Butter Pecan Dairy Ice Cream Review

It may nearly be September but all of a sudden the British Summer has finally's been boiling where I am lately so I've been lapping up the ice cream like it's going out of fashion!

One brand I had never tried before is Jude's, and they only came on my snacks radar when One Treat aka Marmey reviewed them recently. The description Brown Butter Pecan with swirls of caramel had me sucked in immediately, this sounded like a heavenly combination.

This may be a small tub, but it's a tasty one. It comes with a little spoon so you can eat it straight after handy! (of course, I always keep cutlery with me wherever I go in case of a snacking opportunity, so I didn't actually need it).

The ice cream is a delightful combination of creamy buttery ice cream, swirls of caramel sauce and pieces of delicious toasted pecans. And it's perfect! In fact I only wish I had a larger so tasty! The butter flavour is definitely noticeable and works …

Walkers Sausage & HP Brown Sauce Crisps Review

So I've been gradually making my way through the new "sandwich inspired" range of crisps from Walkers, from the unusual but tasty Cucumber Cheese and Salad Cream, to the more ordinary Ham and Mustard...and finally I've arrived at a great combination of brown sauce and sausage; a classic British Butty combo!

I found these crisps in WH Smiths on offer of two bags for £1.50, although they're also in Boots much cheaper at two for £1.

Amazingly, these crisps are vegetarian...the wonders of modern technology! They're even dairy free and vegan, although they are made in an environment that processes dairy.

They tasted as you'd expect, with a punchy, spicy and slightly fruity brown sauce flavour and vague meatiness that obviously isn't real sausage. I'd say the predominant flavour was brown sauce, which is kind of meaty all by itself. I enjoyed these crisps but I didn't feel they were the best, they tasted like something I've had before so I doub…

9Bar Super Seeds Fruity Carob Hit Review

There's a lot of new healthier snacks in shops nowadays, most notably Nakd bars are everywhere...but one healthy bar I've never tried is this "9Bar". I'm not a huge fan of seeds in bars, I prefer fruit and nuts, but I thought I'd see what this is like anyway.

The bar is gluten free and dairy free, vegan and even nut-free. It's made up of various seeds like sunflower, pumpkin and hemp, with dried fruits like apricot and dates, bound with rice syrup and with a carob topping.

Opening the wrapper it looked pretty much like a chocolate covered flapjack...although chocolate-free in this case!

It tasted...okay. It was fairly solid and substantial to chew on compared to the likes of Nakd bars, but I can't say I enjoyed it all that much to be honest. I'm not a big fan of seeds at the best of times and they didn't really provide much enjoyment to chew on, healthy though they may be. The apricots and dates saved the bar, making it more palatable with a…

Walkers Roast Chicken & Heinz Mayonnaise Crisps

Walkers recently unleashed a new range of sandwich inspired crisps upon the public...and I've alreday tried the unusual but tasty Cucumber, Cheese and Salad Cream variety as well as Ham and Mustard. This time around I just had to go for Chicken and Mayo, as I've always loved Walkers Chicken flavour crisps since I was a kid. I was curious what the addition of mayonaise flavouring would bring to the mix...

Well, turns out it doesn't add much flavour-wise to these crisps. They taste pretty similar to regular Walkers Chicken flavour crisps, but perhaps with a creamier, sweeter edge. It's not particularly obvious but I suppose I can see how it's suppsoed to be chicken and mayonnaise flavour. They're nice, but nothing that stands out amongst the other flavours in the range.

Stay tuned for my review of the Sausage and Brown Sauce variety...I may even give the Bacon & Ketchup ones a go too!

7.5 out of 10.

Ritter Sport Chopped Hazelnuts Review

I do love a Ritter Sport bar, and thankfully, they're now becoming more widely available in the UK. I've seen them everywhere recently from the likes of Poundland, Poundworld, WH Smiths, The Co Op, and most main supermarkets too. But on the downside, it seems that Lidl UK have decided to stop stocking large Ritter Sport bars (they confirmed this to me via Twitter), so please go shout at them about it...who knows they may change their mind and start selling them again!

Anyway, I found this Ritter Sport Hazelnuts bar in The Co Op for a very reasonable £1. It's one I've seen before but not tried...I've always gone for the whole hazelnuts bars instead. However after reviewing the new Dairy Milk Chopped Nut last week I thought it'd be interesting to see what this one is like in comparison.

Like all of the smaller Ritter Sport bars it's a 100g perfectly square block, which is what makes it unique amongst chocolate bars. It's the signature Ritter Sport creamy…

New Snickers Bites Review

It seems that everyone and their grandmother is releasing bite size mini versions of popular snacks right now...not only have Cadbury's launched their new "Dinky Deckers", bitesize versions of the classic Double Decker, Mars have also entered the ring with Mars Bites, Twix Bites and Snickers Bites. I can't try the other two since they contain gluten, but luckily Snickers doesn't, huzzah! These are currently £1 a bag at Asda, or slightly more pricey at Sainsbury's.

They're pretty much what you'd expect from bite size Snickers...cube-shaped chocolate pieces with nougat, caramel and peanuts. Perfectly sized for eating one after the other...

They tasted a bit more chocolatey than a Snickers bar but this wasn't a bad thing as there's still the caramel, nougat and peanuts making themselves known. They were highly addictive, in fact I preferred them over a regular Snickers.

It certainly didn't take me long to scoff most of the bag...oops!


Toblerone Crispy Coconut (Duty Free) Review

So recently I just happened to be at the airport, and usually I don't expect to see much of interest at duty free, but for once my eyes met with something of pure beauty: Coconut Toblerone. It was love at first sight! This is one of the snacks I've dreamed of trying ever since I heard of its existence, since I love anything and everything coconutty. Not only did they have Crispy Coconut, but also a Salted Almond Toblerone. As much as I like almonds though, I forefeighted it for this beauty instead...

Unfortunately my pics are poor quality as I got home late and didn't have much Toblerone left by that time, and I wasn't about to save any for another, it was all going into my mouth, cavities be damned! 

This is one of the best Toblerones I've ever tasted it has to be said. It's super sweet, naturally, but the coconut makes it so extra crunchy and moreish that it's hard to stop eating. The coconut is toasted, possibly in some kind of sugar syrup, so …

Walkers Ham & Mustard Crisps Review

When I spotted the new range of Walkers sammy-inspired crisps recently I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed and a little freaked out...Bacon and Tomato Ketchup is just wrong, it should be bacon and brown sauce! Instead of that heinous combination I went for the far more "normal" Salad Cream and Cucumber Sandwich, and also this Ham and Mustard as part of a two for a pound deal. Ham and mustard isn't a new flavour concoction for crisps, Seabrooks have done it before and they did it really well. So I had high hopes for these...

Sadly they're nowhere near as great as Seabrooks version used to be. They have a decent mustardy flavour but it's rather mild for my liking, the sort of thing that will please the masses but it's not for the more extreme crisp flavour lover.

Move along, no more to see here...these are okay crisps but probably the least exciting of the new range by far. Stay tuned for reviews of the others...from Bacon and Tomato ketchup to Chicken Mayonn…

Walkers Cheese, Cucumber & Salad Cream Crisps Review

If you've been following me on Instagram you'll know that Walkers new "inspired by sandwiches" crisps range is now out in shops, in both Boots and Wh Smiths. There's interesting flavours like Cheese Toastie and Worcester Sauce, Bacon & Tomato Ketchup, Ham & Mustard, Roast Chicken and Mayonnaise and these Cheese, Cucumber and Heinz Salad Cream varieties. I went for these first because I've always loved putting salad cream with just about anything and was curious what it would taste like as a crisp flavouring...combined with cheese and cucumber, this sounded like one of the oddest crisp flavours I've ever heard of!

And to be honest, as odd as it sounds on paper (or screen) these don't taste half bad! The flavour is very light and creamy, and reminded me a little of sour cream and chive, especially since there were little green specks on the crisps which are presumably meant to be cucumber? There's herbs listed in the ingredients so it's…

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Chopped Nut Review

Apparently, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Chopped from last year was a resounding success with the general public and has become the number one selling tablet after Dairy Milk for Cadbury's least according to this press release. It's been so successful that Cadbury's want to repeat that success with a chopped version of the classic Dairy Milk Wholenut. Good idea or not? Let's find out!

I have to say I've never been a fan of Cadbury Wholenut in its original form, I do love me some hazelnutty chocolate but I prefer the likes of Ritter Sport for such things, the quality is second to none. So I went in not knowing what to compare this bar to since it could never live up to Ritter. Then it hit me: Milka chopped hazelnut! That's clearly what Cadbury's are going for with this bar, obsessed as they are with making clones of every single Milka bar in Dairy Milk form. Even the mould and blocks of the bar are thinner, meaning this weighs in at 95g in t…

M&S The White One Chocolate Bar Review

I've already tried The Milk One from Marks & Spencer so this time I thought I should go to the light side and try The White One...I've heard good things about this bar and wanted to see if it'd live up to my expectations. I do love a good quality white chocolate, though they're hard to find these days at a reasonable price.

This is described simply as a solid creamy white chocolate bar, abd is suitable for vegetarians. I paid around 30p for it reduced but it's usually around 60p (I think!)

The blocks have a curved design, similar to the one Cadbury Dairy Milk now use for their small bars. Each block has the M&S logo helpfully printed on, to make sure you know this isn't just any white chocolate, it's M&S white chocolate!

I have to say I was very impressed with this bar...the chocolate is the perfect balance of creamy, milky and sweet without being too sickly sweet (like Milkybar can be nowadays). I complained that The Milk One was rather boring…

Pink Panther Gluten Free Wafers Review

I may have been away from blogging for a while, but that hasn't stopped me eating plenty of snacks in the meantime...nothing changes!

I've been tempted by all the new Free From stuff out lately...there's new own label free from products from both Tesco & Sainsbury's, and Morrisons have expanded their range too. There's also new releases from the likes of Genius with their new Genius Toastie Bread, and even Chickpea Pasta from Explore Cuisine....for all the latest Free From products check out my Instagram page where I'm constantly posting pics of new stuff (probably to the annoyance of my followers!)

Onto the wafers then!

I used to love Pink Panther Wafers as a child, and had a weird habit of dipping them in orange juice before eating them...somehow the combination of sharp orange and creamy crunchy wafer seemed perfect together. I know...I'm odd! I didn't have any orange juice on hand this time so I had to make do with them plain...

I was hoping th…