Pink Panther Gluten Free Wafers Review

I may have been away from blogging for a while, but that hasn't stopped me eating plenty of snacks in the meantime...nothing changes!

I've been tempted by all the new Free From stuff out lately...there's new own label free from products from both Tesco & Sainsbury's, and Morrisons have expanded their range too. There's also new releases from the likes of Genius with their new Genius Toastie Bread, and even Chickpea Pasta from Explore Cuisine....for all the latest Free From products check out my Instagram page where I'm constantly posting pics of new stuff (probably to the annoyance of my followers!)

Onto the wafers then!

I used to love Pink Panther Wafers as a child, and had a weird habit of dipping them in orange juice before eating them...somehow the combination of sharp orange and creamy crunchy wafer seemed perfect together. I know...I'm odd! I didn't have any orange juice on hand this time so I had to make do with them plain...

I was hoping this Gluten Free version would be as good as the ones I remembered from childhood, but sadly they're not, they taste a little bland to be honest and the cream filling doesn't have much flavour. It's dairy free and made with coconut oil (which is a plus), but maybe that's why it lacked any creaminess. Don't get me wrong these wafers are a decent enough snack to go with coffee, but just not that exciting.

Overall, these are nice for a bit of nostalgia, but not something I would buy very often. Maybe if I were in need of a wafer fix...which isn't very often really.

7 out of 10. 


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