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Rococo Bee Bars: Raspberry Fizz, Basil & Lime, Moroccan Mint & Honeycomb Crunch - Review

I was delighted when Rococo Chocolates sent me some of their mini "Bee bars" to review recently. I'd heard good things about the company online for ages but never got to try any of their stuff so was very excited...even more so because of the varieties they sent! :-

Raspberry Fizz: a white chocolate bar containing dried rasberry pieces and popping candy, Basil & Persian Lime: basil and lime flavoured dark chocolate,
Moroccan Mint: mint-flavoured organic dark chocolate,
Honeycomb Crunch: milk chocolate containing crunchy honeycomb pieces.

The first two flavours in particular had me very intrigued!

A bit of background: Rococo are a small British chocolatier based in London, who grow their own cocoa in Grenada in partnership with The Grenada Chocolate Company. They were founded in 1983 by a young woman called Chantal Coady who became bored with the stuffy, commercial norms of chocolate retailing and decided to follow her passion and set up her own company. For more on R…

Terry's White Chocolate Orange Review

This white chocolate version of Terry's Chocolate Orange isn't new as far as I'm's been around intermittently since the early 2000's with names such as "Snowball", but nevertheless it's again being billed as "new" on most confectionery news websites. It's made by Kraft, who now have larger distribution power to sell their goods in the UK thanks to buying out Cadbury - so expect to see a lot more Chocolate Oranges in the future!

Although this isn't really "new", it's technicaly new this year since for the last few Christmases Terry's did the White Chocolate Orange Smasher instead, which contained tutti frutti sugar pieces. Personally I thought that was a lot more fun than this plain white chocolate version...the fruity pieces looked really cool and were a nice change!

Still, I can't complain too much because this White Chocolate Orange tastes great. It's a lot milkier and of course sweeter than th…

Nestlé Big Turk - Canadian Turkish Delight Bar Review

Amongst the goodies The Canada Shop recently sent me was this "Big Turk" bar, a turkish delight bar made by the Canadian arm of Nestlé. Being a fan of turkish delight chocolates ever since I was a kid I was very excited to try it, more so because it looked like a pretty substantial bar in comparison to the small bars of Fry's Turkish Delight we get here in the UK.

The bar has a rather interesting curved shape, and is perfectly portioned to bite off into small chunks:

The wrapper advertises the fact that this bar contains 60% less fat than an average chocolate bar, although I'm not sure what they're comparing it to, and besides... "less fat" doesn't mean anything if it doesn't taste any good!

Taste-wise the milk chocolate coating is standard Nestlé milk chocolate - slightly milky but nothing amazing. The turkish delight filling, which as you can hopefully see from my pics has a bright pink colour, is very thick and chewy, with a vague hint of ro…

Gnaw Mint Choc Chip (White Chocolate & Mint) Bar Review

It's been ages now since I bought this Gnaw Mint Choc Chip bar; it somehow managed to get stuck beneath the landslide of other products I have waiting in the wings for review! But as we're getting closer to Christmas I think it's the perfect time to show it off, with mint being a flavour often associated with the season.

I bought this bar not long after trying the Gnaw Go Bananas variety, and chose it because of the cool-looking green-coloured white chocolate. It really does look fantastic and I can see why Gnaw use clear packaging - their chocolate looks so funky it deserves showing off!

Of course, it tasted just as delicious as it looked. The mintiness was perfectly complimented by the creamy white chocolate - it tasted fresh, clean and light...that's the best way I can describe it! It was a breath of fresh air (excuse the pun) in terms of mint chocolate, because sometimes I find the combination of dark chocolate and mint to be a little harsh. I wasn't sure that…

Allan's Sour Watermelon Slices Review (Canadian sweets)

As well as the Cadbury Pep chocolate I reviewed yesterday, The Canada Shop also sent me a bag of these Allen's Sour Watermelon Slices to review. They instantly reminded me of some jelly sweets I've tried before...the Limited Edition Haribo Tangfastics with Sour Watermelon Slices I reviewed earlier in the year.

The main difference between these and the Haribo Watermelon Slices is that they're brighter and more artificial in colour:

They tasted nice enough - they were pleasantly sour and very chewy, although the flavour was a little on the artificial side. If you're a fan of watermelon flavoured sweets you'll probably get a kick out of these, but personally I much preferred the Tangfastics with Watermelon Slices.

Overall, these are definitely a nice novelty and great for anyone who likes watermelon flavour sweets, but they're not really to my taste.

RATING: 6 out of 10.

You can purchase these sweets as well as many other Canadian goodies from The Canada Shop's…

Cadbury Pep - Canadian Peppermint Patty Review

When The Canada Shop got in touch with me to review some snacks from their site recently I jumped at the chance. I've always viewed Canadian snacks longingly online but rarely bought any as they're so hard to find in the I was very excited!

One of the snacks I was sent was this Cadbury Pep, a round of peppermint fondant patty coated in milk chocolate. I've never seen this product before from Cadbury so it was a completely new one on me! And considering Cadbury in the UK don't currently make any minty chocolate bars this seemed very novel indeed.

It's basically a large, thick round of After Eight-style fondant coated with milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate, and is very tasty! It had a creamy peppermint flavour that wasn't too overwpowering, and surprisingly the level of sweetness was just about right. I don't know how they managed it but this was nowhere near as sickly sweet as I had expected it to be. That said, it's probably best to sha…

Kinder Schoko-Bons Milky Bites

Today I'm reviewing one of the most moreish chocolate snacks I've tried in a long time...Kinder Schoko-Bons Milky Bites! Whilst this bag of chocolates may look like it's only for kids, the contents are very adult-friendly, infact I think Kinder are missing a trick by not marketing these at adults as well as children!

I bought a pack for £2 from Tesco but they're also on a special offer of 2 packs for £3. I found them in the Christmas section and the bag has a fun Christmassy design with a hungry cow - or is it reindeer? - on the front as well as an angry robin. The reindeer appears to be carrying a sledge and looking for schoko-bons...and I can't say I blame him! I'm not sure why the robin looks so angry though...maybe the reindeer stole his schoko-bons? 

The chocolates are described as "Fine milk chocolate bonbons with a milky hazelnut filling". Each one is individually wrapped, and looks a bit like a mini chocolate egg:

Taste-wise they're almos…

Hershey's Mint Candy Cane Bar with Candy Bits Review

When I saw this new seasonal Hershey bar in a local department store recently I just had to give it a try, despite the fact I'm not really a fan of Hershey's chocolate in general. It's a white chocolate candy bar that also contains mint candy cane "bits", which sounded like a tasty combination!

Opening the wrapper revealed a thin white bar split into sections with the Hershey's name printed on. There were speckles of red candy cane visible throughout the chocolate, which I thought looked really pretty against the white background:

The "white candy" is basically a concoction of vegetable fat, milk fat and corn starch which tasted quite mild and milky, with a pleasant sweet peppermint flavour. It wasn't quite as good as "real" white chocolate but it was a nice carrier for the candy cane bits. They had a pleasant minty crunch to them, and all the flavours worked together really well to make a creamy, minty bar that was very moreish!


Brain Blasterz Mega Sour Candy Review

When I was sent these Brain Blasterz sour sweets from Bon Bon Buddies recently I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I've tried Toxic Waste sour sweets in the past which were extremely sour indeed, but I wasn't sure if these would be milder or more sour in comparison. Turns out theyre insanely sour!

The sweets come in 4 different flavours: watermelon, apple, blueberry and lemon. Each one is individually wrapped.

Popping one in my mouth I wasn't quite prepared for the crazy sourness that was unleashed...I practically had a fit it was so sour! It had an almost salty edge to it too, which was extremely weird. After a while the sourness died away and left a sweeter, more pleasant-tasting fruity lemon sweet in my mouth. It was quite a roller coaster ride but I'm glad I stuck it out, rather than spat it out! (as my friend did...)

Since my first "brain blast" I've been using Brain Blasterz to prank unsuspecting friends and family by telling them they're r…

White Chocolate Twix - Limited Edition Review

Many thanks to Monster Sweets for sending me some fantastic snacks to review recently; I've already reviewed the Ritter Sport Winter Caramel Orange Bar but this time it's the turn of the White Chocolate Twix, a bar that was available in the UK in the mid-2000's but unfortunately discontinued. It's still available over in Europe though, so many thanks to Monster Sweets for bringing them to the UK!

This bar is a limited edition and weighs 50 grams in total. Opening the wrapper revealed two familiarly shaped Twix fingers coated in white chocolate:

They smelled creamy and enticing. Cutting a finger in half revealed a layer of firm caramel above a shortbread biscuit base:

Biting into a piece I was first met with a creamy, milky sweetness from the white chocolate, and then the chewy buttery caramel and crunchy shortbread base. It's the perfect combination of flavours and textures, and I thought it somehow tasted even nicer than a regular milk chocolate Twix. The white c…

Mr Kipling Raspberry Candy Cane Slices Review

Whilst in Morrisons the other day I spotted these new slices amongst the rest of Mr Kipling's festive range. I don't usually bother with christmas-themed cakes, but the idea of a cake with candy cane in sounded really appealing to me. I was in a rush so I put a box in my basket without reading the description.

Unfortunately when I got home I was a bit disappointed to find these cakes don't contain pieces of candy cane as I had initially thought. Instead they are "Raspberry and vanilla flavour sponge baked with pieces of raspberry (1%), finished with a decorated vanilla flavour topping". No mention of candy cane at all! It turns out they're meant to taste like raspberry flavoured candy basically of sugar and raspberry.

The slices are twin wrapped in plastic trays, which is a nice idea but it does mean you're more likely to eat both at once! Which is no bad thing if they're tasty...and luckily they were!

Despite my disappointment over the la…

Nestlé Quality Street Fruit Cremes Carton Review (with new Lemon Creme!)

When I discovered that Nestlé had brought out this new assortment box of Quality Street Fruit Cremes I got very excited, probably more than anyone should be over chocolates! That's because I've always been a fan of the fruit cremes in tins of Quality Street, ever since I as a kid, and have very fond memories of them. There's just something about biting into the rich, dark chocolate to find the soft, sweet fruity creme underneath that has always appealed to me. I even remember when they introduced a "Fruits of the Forest" flavour one year, which I've mourned the loss of ever since!

Sadly, like many of the sweets from my youth I now think Quality Street taste too sweet. This is true of most chocolates I used to love - Milkybar, Kitkat, Dairy Milk, Rolos, Mars Bars...the list goes on. I'm not sure if manufacturers are adding more sugar nowadays or if I've just developed better taste (I seriously doubt it's the latter! ;) )

When I heard these were re…

Nestlé Quality Street Honeycomb Matchmakers (New Flavour!) - Review

When I first saw this new flavour of Yummy Honeycomb Matchmakers in my local Premier store I wasn't all that excited. Mainly because they've already been out years ago, but also because my experience with Nestlé's Honeycomb Yorkie was so disappointing. Luckily these Matchmakers turned out to be very tasty in comparison, and surprised me by tasting of actual honeycomb!

They're described on the box as "Honeycomb flavour chocolates with skimmed milk chocolate, dark chocolate and boiled sugar pieces" and weigh 130g.

Opening the box revealed a paper lid with a Matchmakers game that involves spotting various things on TV. I quickly disposed of it though as I was only interested in the chocolates! They smelled very rich and chocolatey, with a strong honeycomb aroma.

Biting into a stick I was met with a very sweet honeycomb flavour, which had a nice crunch from the boiled sugar pieces. The chocolates were very sweet, yet also quite rich tasting thanks to the dark ch…