Spotted In Shops! - Percy Pig Porridge, Champagne Häagen Dazs, Snowy Puffs, Milk Tooth Chocolate & More...

There's been a plethora of new products released recently, so much so that it's hard to keep up with them all! Here's a few I've spotted since the Xmas Edition of Spotted In Shops...

Marks & Spencer Percy's Pink Porridge:
percy pig flavour pink porridge

What better breakfast for the cold Winter months than pink porridge with the flavour of Percy Pig sweets?! Spotted at Marks & Spencer.

Häagen Dazs Marc De Champagne Truffle (Limited Edition):
haagen dazs vanilla ice cream with marc de champagne truffle swirl and truffle pieces

Häagen Dazs have released this limited edition Marc De Champagne Truffle flavour in time for Christmas. It contains a swirl of marc de champagne sauce and chocolate truffle pieces in vanilla ice cream. It costs £4.45 per tub at Waitrose.

Magnum Chocolate and Raspberry Ice Cream:
magnum ice cream with raspberry sauce and magnum milk and dark chocolate pieces

Also in Waitrose were these new tubs of Magnum chocolate and raspberry ice cream, which contains milk & dark chocolate Magnum pieces, chocolate ice cream and raspberry sauce.

Heston from Waitrose Malted Milk and Marmalade Ice Cream:
malted milk flavour ice cream with marmalade sauce

Waitrose have also added this new variety to their "Heston from Waitrose" range, which contains malted milk flavour ice cream with a seville orange marmalade ripple.

Snowy Puffs:
honey puffs with pieces of meringue

These Winter limited edition "Snowy Puffs" are a spinoff of Sugar Puffs that contain bits of meringue along with regular sugar puffs. Here's a blurb from
"Honey Monster is back with the release of my coolest cereal yet, Snowy Puffs, and there's no better way to get into the spirit of the season than by curling up with a big bowl. Adding a touch of brrrr-illiance to the original Sugar Puffs, Snowy Puffs comes with delicious meringue snowballs."
For a full review see Foodstuff Finds post on them HERE. Spotted at Poundland.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Cookie Crunch:
cookie crunch flavour kelloggs rice krispies squares

I'm not really a fan of Rice Krispies Squares but this Cookie Crunch variety had a "new" label on and I've not seen them anywhere else, so I thought I'd snap a pic anyway! Spotted at Poundland.

New GU After Dark Zillionaires' Puds:
classic millionaires shortbread - chocolate biscuit crumbs, salted caramel made with sea salt from france, treacle infused cheesecake and our richest ever ganache

These new GU Puds are "A decadent evolution of the classic millionaires’ shortbread: chocolate biscuit crumb, salted caramel made with sea salt from Guérande in western France, treacle-infused cheesecake and our richest ever ganache". Sounds amazing! Spotted at Waitrose.

Divine's Milk Tooth Chocolate:
smooth milk chocolate with delicious chunks of delicately roasted milk teeth

This bizarre Milk Tooth Chocolate from Divine is described as "A smooth milk chocolate, with utterly delicious chunks of delicately roasted milk teeth. Our chocolate is made with only the finest quality molars, gathered by our skilled team of tooth fairies - and children are always paid a fair price for their teeth". Can you guess what it really contains? Spotted in a local department store for £2.50.

Well, that's it for today's Spotted In Shops...if you've tried any of these new products please let me know in the comments!


  1. That Milk Teeth chocolate freaks me out a little, especially the description.

    The Percy Porridge is very cute though :)

  2. Hey Kev, I love your reviews! Do you accept requests of things to review? I'd love to see one of a product that I always seen in Poundland called Turner's Chocolate Assortment. There's a link to them here:

    They also do them in Iceland.I'm SO desperate to see a review of them!

  3. That Heston ice cream sounds delicious! I shall definitely be purchasing some of that over the festive period, I'll have to look out for that milk tooth chocolate bar too!

  4. the percy pig porridge is pretty tasty =)


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