Asda's Choc Orange & Choc Fudge Soft Cheeses Review, plus: Kev's Kreamy Kreation! (Cream Cheese Dessert)

When I heard that Asda have brought out a new Chocolate Orange Chosen By You cream cheese via their Facebook page yesterday I just had to seek it out. I'm a huge fan of Chocolate and Orange combinations, especially at this time of year, plus I was in the mood to make a creamy off to my local Asda I went!

I found it in the chilled section along with a Chocolate Fudge variety, which came as a nice surprise. I popped one of each flavour in my basket which came to £1.50 on a multibuy offer.

Choc Orange Soft Cheese:

The Choc Orange cheese is described as "Full fat soft cheese with orange flavoured chocolate and cocoa powder" and weighs 200g. It tasted delicious; chocolatey, creamy and orangey, pretty much as you'd expect really! It could've done with a stronger orange flavour if I'm being honest, but I'm guessing it had got lost in the tangy flavour of the cream cheese. There was a recipe on the lid for making Chocolate Orange Bread Pudding, which sounds very simple and delicious...I'll definitely be giving that a go in future!

RATING: 7.5 out of 10.

Chocolate Fudge Soft Cheese:

The Chocolate Fudge variety is described as "Full fat soft cheese with chocolate fudge" and wasn't as pronounced in flavour as the Choc Orange, but still added a nice buttery, fudgey flavour to the cream cheese. There was a recipe on the lid for making a Chocolate Fudgey Cheese cake, complete with chunks of fudge and an oatie base - sounds delicious!

RATING: 7 out of 10.

Overall, both of these cream cheeses were very tasty and would probably be good spread on crackers or toast. I wasn't too bothered by how they tasted individually though as I wanted to make a recipe of my botched attempt at a Chocolate Orange Cheesecake! (see below).

Kev's Kreamy Kreation (Chocolate Orange cream cheese pie dessert)

To make this dessert, I emptied both packs of cream cheese into a mixing bowl and whipped them with icing sugar and some xanthan gum, before adding the mixture to a part-baked gluten-free pie crust. I baked it for about 30 minutes. I didn't have an egg or any double cream to add to the filling, so ended up with a moussey-cream-cheese-style pie rather than a cheesecake. I've nicknamed it... Kev's Kreamy Kreation! I added some segments of Terry's Chocolate Orange on top (currently on offer for £1 at Asda), which melted somewhat since the filling was still warm from the oven:

 As sickly as this combination may sound, it made for a delicious and creamy hot dessert!

So there you have it...Kev's Kreamy Kreation; a cream cheese Chocolate Orange Dessert!

I'm sure there's much better uses for Asda's new Chocolate Orange and Choc Fudge cream cheeses - if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments! :)

*Apologies for the poor quality photos...there was a serious lack of light in my kitchen!


  1. ooh this looks lovely. I would definitely use it to make a chocolate cheesecake too!


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