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Walkers Tiger Nuts - Masala Curry, Smoky Bacon, Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Chilli

After hearing about these new Walkers Tiger Nuts via a press release the other day, I was very surprised to find them whilst "on the prowl" (heh heh) in Asda. They're a new range of flavoured peanuts from Walkers with a stripy-patterned crunchy coating, which looks similar to the stripy crust you usually see on Tiger Bread.

The range has 4 flavours: Masala Curry, Smoky Bacon, Salt & Vinegar, and Sweet Chilli. They're currently all on offer for £1 per 130g pack at Asda.

I love the packaging design; it's really funky and eye-catching! The word "Tiger Nuts" doubles up as a tigers face which I think is a really cool idea.

The theme of Tiger Nuts is of course all about tigers, from the patterned shell on the nuts, to the packaging design, and even the descriptions on the packs: Purrrrfect smoky bacon, Fearless salt and vinegar, Exotic sweet chilli, Mighty masala curry. The slogan on the front is "Attack the pack!", with scratch marks doubling …

Kev's Easter Bunny Beauty Contest

Welcome to Kev's Easter Bunny Beauty Contest! With many different Easter Bunnies gracing our shelves this year, including a newcomer in the Thorntons Bramble Bunny, I thought I would pit them all against each other to see which looked the best. They were all very bright and shiny whilst "fully clothed" but some failed to live up to their image when unwrapped. I will choose my three favourites and award the winner with a ribbon and bell.

Here are the competitors:

Sainsbury's White Chocolate Bunny:

The Sainsburys bunny clearly didnt feel the need to hide his body, although kept his complexion clear with a protective, air-tight box. It looked like a bunny version of the Popemobile! I really like this bunny, he looks cute and smiley and the pink ears are a nice touch.

Lindt Gold Bunny:

The Lindt Gold Bunny arrived looking like he had already won, with his red ribbon and bell. This was promptly confiscated.
He's a good-looking bunny, but not quite as detailed as his sma…

Vanilla Coca Cola is back! (UK)

I was a big fan of vanilla coke when it was launched in the early '00s, and when it was axed I thought it was gone for good. It's not the sort of flavour you would really expect to be popular - citrus or cherry seem to be more commonly paired with cola - so I wasn't expecting a return any time soon.

Thankfully I was wrong, because it's now back on shelves after a 6 year absence! According to Coca Cola UK there's been a big demand from consumers to bring it back, and they have listened.

I've been searching for this ever since I read about it, and actually passed it by a couple of times in Tesco because it looked almost identical to the regular bottles of Coca Cola there. There isn't really much to distinguish it apart from a beige streak and swirly symbol on the label, and I had to look closely to notice the word vanilla.

Taste-wise it wasn't quite as good as I remember. It tasted sweet with just the faintest hint of vanilla giving it a smoother, more r…

Jellyatrics: Celebrating 90 years of Jelly Babies

Whilst in B&M Bargains recently I was quite bemused when I spotted these odd novelty sweets called Jellyatrics. According to the pack they're to celebrate 90 years of jelly babies (and yes, that is a set of false teeth you can see in the pic):

For readers outside the UK who may not have heard of jelly babies, they are a classic British jelly sweet that is usually coated in starch powder. They're also Doctor Who's favourite sweet. According to wikipedia, they were created by Bassett's in 1918 and were originally called "Peace Babies" to mark the end of World War 1. Production was suspended during World War 2 due to wartime shortages, and they were re-launched as "Jelly Babies" in 1953. For more on their history see:

Unlike jelly babies, Jellyatrics are based on old-aged pensioners, and have their own names: Bill Bird ("Binoculars at the ready"), Mister Miser ("Penny pinching pensioner"…

Erasmi Rum-Marzipan Nuggets

Whilst browsing Lidl after Christmas I came across these Rum-Marzipan Nuggets. They must have been leftover Christmas stock as there were only two packs left, so I quickly snapped one up.

I'm not the greatest lover of marzipan but the knobbly, blocky shapes of these really intrigued me. They're basically little nuggets of rum flavoured marzipan, coated in a thin layer of dark chocolate, and then coated again in a layer milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.

I wasn't expecting much from them to start with, but they tasted even worse than I'd imagined. I'm not sure if it was due to importing, or simply because of the rum flavouring, but they just tasted bitter and unpleasant to me. The rum flavouring was overpowering and artificial, and was all I could taste. There wasn't much taste from the chocolate or nuts, just an overall stale bitterness.

I quickly disposed of the rest in the bin. It's a shame, because they really do look kinda cool.

Overall, I'm not…

Nestlé Holidays

No, this isn't a competition to win a Holiday with Nestlé, it's a review of their Turkish "Holiday" marshamallow biscuits!

I found these in B&M Bargains, and couldn't resist buying them just for the name. They're described as "compound chocolate coated marshamallow biscuit", which had me a bit worried because I intensely dislike compound chocolate. They looked and sounded like a cheaper version of the famous Wagon Wheels, although unlike Wagon Wheels they have wavy edges:

Surprisingly, they tasted quite different to Wagon Wheels - they were coconut flavoured. This wasn't mentioned on the front of the pack, but my senses were telling me they tasted of coconut so I checked the ingredients and sure enough, coconut was listed as one of the flavourings.

They didn't taste too bad to be honest. Quite sweet, and the compound chocolate coating tasted rather cheap as you would expect, but the strong coconut flavour from the mallow saved them and …

Milka Cherry Cream

When I saw this Milka Cherry Cream in my local Polish store I was a bit hesitant to buy it. My first review for this blog was for the Milka Raspberry Cream, and it was rather disappointing. So I wasn't jumping for joy when I found this. However I grudgingly bought it in the hope it might be an improvement on the Milka Raspberry Cream. And luckily it was, but only just.

Opening the wrapper I was met with a strong artificial cherry smell. No surprise there then! Cutting into the bar revealed an impressive amount of cherry jam filling sat above the white cream. It looked almost like it does on the wrapper, which is quite rare in chocolate bars!:

The smell of artificial cherry was quite overpowering. Biting into a piece of the chocolate, it tasted as I expected - extremely sweet and artificial. wasn't too bad. I kind of enjoyed the cherry flavour, even though the artificial sweetness became too much after a few blocks. 
There is no English on the pack, so I can't com…

Cadbury Egg 'N' Spoon Milky Mousse (& Marabou Eggs) Review

Cadbury's Egg 'N' Spoon has been reviewed by most of my fellow bloggers by now, but I thought I would do my own review because despite being quite skeptical of them initially, I ended up really enjoying them! Firstly, you must check out this hilarious review of them by Gobble Monkey if you haven't done so already, it's comedy genius!

Part of the reason I was so skeptical of these was the price. The RRP is £3.99, which works out at about £1 per egg! Crazy! Luckily most shops are now selling them for the more reasonable price of £2, which is what these were at Morrisons. I chose the milky mousse variety over the chocolate as I thought it'd be more interesting.

I have to say...this is a genius marketing idea from Cadbury/Mondelez. Eating chocolate eggs from a purple "egg box" with a spoon is a really fun experience! It wouldn't surprise me if they are a huge sales success.

Taking the eggs out, firstly you have to unwrap the foil and then bite off th…

Thorntons Easter Bramble Bunny

Whilst in WH Smith recently, I saw this Thorntons Bramble Bunny next to the magazines and bought it on impulse, as you do. It's really nothing too special or amazing, contains coconut oil in the chocolate filling. I have to commend Thorntons for that, because coconut oil is far healthier than the vegetable fat companies usually use in products like this, so I felt a bit more comfortable eating it.

Aesthetically, he's a smiley, cute little bunny and probably better looking than a lot of chocolate bunnies I've seen in shops this year. How can you not smile when looking at him? Such a shame he was about to get eaten...

Taste-wise, the Bramble Bunny was very pleasant: creamy, chocolatey, and just about what you would expect really. Thorntons chocolate has a "comforting" kind of taste, I would say, and the creamy chocolate filling just added to that feeling.

Overall, this Thorntons Bramble Bunny is a delicious and creamy Easter treat. I would imagine it&#…